Hello there everyone! The question has come up recently, what do I expect in a comment on this blog?

I really do love to read comments! But, more importantly, it shows to me that people actually read… and hopefully enjoy… my posts (not that I expect you to! Admittedly my blog posts can get a little… long).

In this page, I’m going to explain (in detail) the commenting guidelines for this blog… with an original character of mine to guide the way!

(It’s about time that I include my artwork in this blog lol)

First off, I have a list of expected rules that I really do hope you follow by…

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or want clarification on one of them, be sure to ring me up with a comment (wink)! I’ll be sure to answer as soon as I can!

Now… writing just a normal everyday comment is completely different from writing a quality one.

This is probably hypocritical since I write two word comments all the time (those two words being “Hello There”). Also, I don’t mind at all whether you write a quality comment or a normal one, they both matter and make my day!

…So, anyways, here’s some tips on writing some helpful, quality comments that help the writer grow in a positive way!

First off, the question is, what makes a quality comment?

To me, a quality comment is well written and either challenges the writer to grow through constructive criticism or gives back some specific feedback.

Heres some examples of both quality comments and normal ones…

  • Example #1

Example #1:

This is a great comment! However, it doesn’t give constructive criticism nor specific feedback.

Example #2:

This comment is a quality comment, because it’s well written and gives some constructive criticism/feedback through the recommendation of putting the ingredient’s measurements.

Example #3:

This comment isn’t that well understandable, and it’s difficult to read.

Example #4:

This comment is a quality comment, because it’s also well written, and gives some feedback for a specific part of the post.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this helps you write amazing comments too!