Final Summary of β€œThe Medium is the Message”

For this project, the driving question was β€œHow does what we hear, read, and see influence us?”. To answer this driving question, we created an advertisement, that can be seen above, for ZΓΌcker, a candy shop in Deep Cove. For most of this post, I will be talking about which Milestones helped me to answer the driving question. I covered some of the things that I would have talked about in this post in another post, so I will link that other post here.

Milestone 1 was really important because it was a great place to start learning about target audiences and message. It also helped us start understanding how to comprehend text and how to write an analysis on media.

Milestones 2 and 3 also really benefited us. These Milestones tie into each other really well because one of them had to do with media and the other one had to do with message. These Milestones helped to create the ad because it helped us understand how to make media effectively, and how to get a message to a target audience.Β 

Milestone 4 supported our learning a lot because it was our team launch journal. This was basically a place where we recorded all the steps that we took to create our final ad. For example, we had different pages for asking questions, understanding what we were trying to do in the first place, navigating our ideas, creating drafts and final products, and finally highlighting and critiquing our final draft to make it the best that it could possibly be.

Milestone 6 (which is this reflection post) was a great way to end off this project. We got to look back on all of our work and reflect on it. This post was fun because we got to laugh at our mistakes, and celebrate our final products. It was also a good way for us to see how far we had come over the course of this project.

Overall, I think my development as a learner has be amazing. At first I didn’t even know what target audience was or what appeals and techniques are. But now I know so much about them from learning and developing my knowledge. On my self assessment as well, I think I did very well because I had learned the correct terms for answering the questions and I had learned how to properly grade myself.

In the end, I think this project was really fun to get to learn more about media and message. It also gave us the opportunity to connect with actual businesses. It was also a real eye opener into the marketing and advertising world. All of these Milestones really helped us answer the driving question and understand more about creating an ad.Β 

Thank you so much for reading…there will be more posts coming soon!

Best wishes,


Advertising Drafts

What Was This Project?

Our driving question for this project was β€œHow does what we hear, read, and see influence us?”. In order to answer this big, looming question, we made an advertisement for a candy business in Deep Cove. We learned about how marketers target their audience, what techniques and appeals are, and other things that will be covered in this post. This project was a group project, but I am only really going to talk about the individual factor of it. I am also going to talk about the different stages of how we got to answering the driving question.


In the Launch phase, we did multiple things. The first thing we did was make and develop our need to knows. We had a chart that had three sections: Product, Process, and Content. These sections we would come back to many, many, many times with new questions and things that we had answered in the course of this project. On the chart, we put things that we needed to know for us to successfully create an ad for our business. The next thing we did was learn how to analyze text. To get better at analyzing and understanding text, we watched an ad created by Apple and they were selling their HomePod. We then analyzed it and wrote a paragraph about what we thought the message of the ad was and how they used it to get into the minds of their target audience.Β 

Link to the Apple Ad

Building KnowledgeΒ 

In Building Knowledge we learned about different stuff that has to do with media. We learned about how people use different design principles in media and how to effectively use those principles. One of the cool things I think we learned about during Building Knowledge were the Five Key Media Literacy Questions. We learned about these things by looking at our group assigned advertisement and then we answered each of the five media literary. Here is the link to the commercial that we did. We also learned about what historical perspective is. Historical perspective is where you look at an ad, or a piece of media from history, and you think about what the audience of that time would have thought about it. We also looked at what we thought the advertisement meant today and then compared and looked at the differences between our points of view.Β 

Develop and Critique

In Develop and Critique, we started actually putting together our advertisements for our businesses. The business that our group chose was ZΓΌcker, which is a candy shop in Deep Cove. This stage of the project was basically just creating drafts and getting feedback. For my first draft, I thought it was really good, but then after showing it to the teacher, I realized that it needed a lot of work before it was going to be ready to send to the business. So, for my second draft, I tried to do most of the critique that the teachers and my group told me to do. For my third, I think I did a pretty good job on it given the tools that I had, but my fourth draft is the best by far. I think that if I hadn’t done all the other drafts, my fourth one wouldn’t have been as good as it is if I hadn’t have gone through all the other drafts.Β 

My drafts 1, 2, 3, and 4


For this step of the project, we took our four drafts and shared them with our group. Everyone shared their final drafts and we all said what we liked, and what we thought could be worked on.Β Then we took a little bit of everyone’s draft (example, the background colour from one persons, the font from another’s, etc) and combined them into one that we sent to the business for feedback. I really enjoyed this part of the project because we got to show off our hard work to everyone. It was also cool to see what other people had designed with the same guidelines that I had.Β 

Final ThoughtsΒ 

I really enjoyed this project because I got to learn about a big thing that is in my life. I feel like I now understand way more about how advertising works and how they rope you into buying stuff that you usually don’t really need. During this project, we had to keep a chart of ads that we found daily and we did a review at the end of the week on one. I feel like that made it seem much more real that these techniques are being used on us daily because we got real life examples. It was fun seeing all of our work coming together in the end and making something that was really amazing.

Thank you for reading!! I will have more posts coming soon…

Best wishes,


User Manual Project Post

For this post, I will be talking about my User Manual. Below are my thoughts and the necessary steps that we took to complete our User Manuals. Then below that, is the final product.

My reflection:

(User Manual): First, the teachers gave us examples of their own User Manuals. Then we did the launch phase. During the launch phase, we learned what we were actually trying to do by looking, listening, and learning about ourselves. Then we had to ask tons of questions. We did knows, need to knows, and the next steps in research. We then started very simply by just copying with the teachers User Manuals and putting in our own input/thoughts on the categories that we copied from them. Then we added more categories that personalized it. Then we started learning how to combine it all and make it all look nice. Then we learned how to do the colouring and borders, fonts and spacing to make it look like the exemplars.Β 

(Memoji laptop sticker) In the beginning, I thought it was going to be easier than it was. I had used Memoji a lot before, but I never thought you could do so many cool things with it in editing. At first, we had to make the Memoji look like us. Then we had to pick what stickers we wanted which for me, was the easy part. Then we had to write a paper on why we picked it and why they represented us. Then the paper had to get approved (which mine did). Then we had to edit the stickers onto the Memoji laptop. This part was hard, but it was manageable. We put the Memoji sticker into Keynote, then we edited the photos that we chose onto the back of the laptop. After that, we had to go back and revise it at least 5 times with different things to go back and look at. Then, finally, we showed it to the class. They did peer critique and then we went back and edited (AGAIN!) with their critique in mind. Finally, after many drafts and copies, we got to add the Memoji laptop to our User Manual. We got to learn how to position it properly and where the right placements were. Then, we had to make a presentation to share with our classmates so they could see what we did.

What I learned: I learned how to use my iPad much better. I also learned how to use Showbie, Keynote, and Pages. We also kind of used Notes, but not that much. However, I learned how to use it much better even though we didn’t use it that much. I learned how to use instant alpha, and also how to change the colour of shapes in Keynote/Pages. I also learned how to import images/edit them in Keynote/Pages.
In the end, I think this project was an amazing stepping stone to show us how project-based learning works.


User Manual: Passchier

Brand: PLP Student

Model: Dana Passchier, iOS 1.3


Getting StartedΒ 

Congratulations on your new device, Dana Passchier iOS 1.3, commonly referred to as Dana (or mistaken for Monica, the device’s sister). To get the best use of this machine, please keep in mind these small tips for best use: The machine does not respond well to unnecessary noises. Also, this device responds best to users who are ready to be in a learning environment.Β 

Please enjoy your new up to date device!

Accessibility Β 

You can access this device during lunch, and in class if what you are trying to contact this device about is related to the topic of class.Β 

This device does not currently use social media, but the engineers are currently trying to fix this error.


Dana Passchier iOS 1.3 has 3 primary settings: Student, Teenager, and Focused Reader

Setting 1: Student

This device will most often be in student mode (by far its most agreeable and least annoying/stubborn mode). The default hours for student mode are 9:30-3:00 on weekdays. During student hours, this device is prone to be intently focused on the project at hand. Teenager or Focused Reader mode will be turned off during school hours. Β 

Setting 2: Teenager (WARNING: Is likely to explode at any moment)

During teenager mode, this device has a tendency to blow up. This device also can be irrational and stubborn during this time. If you encounter this device when it is in this mode, be warned it might stomp off to its room and yell that everything (and everyone) is annoying.Β 

***NOTE: For the safety of you, and others around you, try to limit contact/conversation with this device when it is in this mode.Β 

Setting 3: Focused Reader

This device is most often in this mode before school. You will know when this device is in this mode because it will have its nose in a book, and will have a far away look in its eyes. During this time, the device has a tendency to snap at anyone who bothers it and/or ignores them completely. Please be careful when approaching it during this time.Β 


This device may…

-Be sarcastic

-Yell at you for no reason

-Go into Teenager Mode unexpectedlyΒ 

-Go into Focused Reader mode unexpectedlyΒ 

-Become annoyed over small things (Unproductive talking, unnecessary noises, whispering when the teacher is talking, etc.)Β 


Problem Solution ConsequencesΒ 
The device has gone into Teenager mode and is in its bed and will not come out Tell the device there is food, you will get a response 85.49% of the time during Teenager mode If there is no food, expect the device to stomp off to her bed again and not come out
The device has gone into Focused Reader mode and is ignoring you Tell the device there is food, this will work 56.32% of the time during Focused Reader mode If there is no food, expect a hissy fit


-Fuel with Starbucks and/or junk food

-Be open to other people’s opinions, and don’t be mean to others

-Be in communication with the device, otherwise it could accidentally delete your contact

My First Post!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Dana and I’m 13 (I would tell you more about myself, but there’s a whole page on that). I’m super duper excited to FINALLY have my first post up. This blog will mostly be keeping you up-to-date with what projects I’m doing in school. Check back soon for more!!