Out of Ideas

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! Driving question: How might I construct texts that show who I am right now? Answer: I answered this question through my poetry and through what I learned about my worldview. For the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on a new project. Poetry! Well, not just […]

Financing? How Boring…

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, I’m sure y’all have missed me a great deal. Anyhow, this is not going to be a regular update about what I have been doing in my school projects. This is a short post about what I did for Take Your Kid To Work Day. Below is everything […]

Tuberculosis on the Run!!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting blog post! As this school year is coming to end, so is another project…in the past few weeks, I have been working on a comic book that shows the interaction between the tuberculosis (TB) bacteria and the body. Below are my thoughts on this project, as well […]

The Life of an Atom

Driving Question: How can the behaviour of matter be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory? Answer: I answered the Driving Question by making a simulator that simulated atoms and molecules in different states of matter. My simulator also displayed the kinetic and atomic theory. Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone has […]

History? How Boring…

    Driving Question: What did European Settlement mean for all the people involved? Answer: European settlement changed the lives of all the people involved. Although there have been changes such as the European and First Nations’ lives no longer being based around trading, the concept of supply and demand still impacts big companies today. […]