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Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. This is going to be about Tik Tok. Well, Tik Tok videos. During this project, we learned a lot about planning, drafting, and how to pivot your ideas on the spot. This was a very fun project because we got to go to Disney World and film there. Throughout this post, I will be talking about the ups and downs that I had during this project as well as what I learned and the final product. Enjoy!

To start this project off, we learned about how to create and put into effect a personal productivity system. In the beginning, I thought that it was a waste of time because I felt like I already had an effective way of doing things. However, shortly into the project, I realized that in fact no, I did not have a good system. So I started taking things seriously. I went through all of my emails (I think I had over 1k). I went through all of my Craft documents and sorted them all. I also went through all my documents and linked/tagged them to each other. I went through and reorganized my things in a way that was much more helpful than the way I had them set up. I put deadlines on all of my projects and made sure to link everything to my calendar. I also updated my Anytime and Upcoming sections in Things. I also went through and sorted all of the unsorted files that I had from Keynote, Pages, Voice Memos, Numbers, etc. Some of those documents went all the way back to Grade 8 so it was definitely a relief to clear all of that. Below, you can see my updated Things, Calendar, and Files ⬇️

We also went through and cleared our physical backlog. For me, this was cleaning my room. The way that we did this though was somewhat unusual. We were told to go into our room and sort everything into piles. For example, anything we didn’t need or want anymore would go into a pile, any garbage would go into a pile, the same with dirty clothes, etc. Then, the next day in class after we had done that, we were told to go through and sort those piles. For example, in the pile with things we didn’t want or need, we would sort them into piles for donation and garbage. That’s just one example. We were told to do that for everything in our room. It was almost like you were pushing your physical space through a weird vacuum. This helped me build a system that tied in with the principles from Atomic Habits.

After we cleared out backlogs in our digital and physical spaces, we were able to move on to crafting our videos. Our end product would be 5 trend videos (Tik Tok videos) that would go into a blog post, like this one. We started by coming up with a mood board kind of thing in a Craft document that would later include the storyboards that we did. We had to research different trend videos that we wanted to recreate at Disney. I researched what I wanted each aesthetic and the “vibe” of each of my videos to be like. I also found other videos that I wanted to model mine off of. We also had to plan who we wanted to film our videos with. I mainly decided to film with Hannah and Brooke. I think the storyboarding was something that at the time I thought was pointless but I later found helped more than I thought it would. It helped me have a vision of what I was filming. You can check out my planning documents in the link here.

Overall there were some ups and downs with my videos. Originally I wanted to get a video of all the princess outfits and have a ‘fit check’ video. After talking with the teachers though, I was informed that I would be spending hours waiting in lines to meet the princesses. And of course, I didn’t believe them. However, as soon as I got there I was like ‘Oh no’ because the lines were massive and took forever. In the end, I had to pivot on the spot and change my video to “Cool Outfit at Disney World”. I got some very cool clips so I’m glad that I changed my idea. I was also able to make extra trend videos which was one of the ways I feel I extended. I made an extra one called “Quite Moments at Disney World” and another one where I got an interview with a cast member. Besides that one mess up with the Disney princesses, everything else went according to plan. You can check out my trend videos below ⬇️


Overall, it was a super fun and exciting project. I mean, we got to go to Disney World – for school. I loved getting to work and collaborate with my friends and getting their thoughts and opinions on my videos. I got some really good feedback from them that helped make my videos much better. I learned a lot about planning and organization. I also learned about storyboarding and how important of a skill it is to be able to change your plans on the fly. In the end, this project was amazing and probably one of my favourite ones I’ve done this year.

Thank you so much for reading!

Best wishes,


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