The medium is the message summative post

The Medium is the Message.

I loved this project. It made sense, it was contextual, there was lots of examples and it was relevant. All the milestones taught me things I didn’t know before, I didn’t know much about comprehending text or anything about taking a good historical perspective on text or ads (which where competencies for the comprehending text milestones) the second half of the milestones where more about designing Text and  designing solutions for problems. I knew about some of that before but I now know a lot more on how to that more provisionally. I really like that kind of thing and I want to learn more techniques on how to improve. Throughout I learned Avery thing I now know about advertising and marketing which is very important in 2020.

This project started like every other PLP project, with a driving question. That driving question is: “How does what we hear, read and see influence us?” That question started lot of discussion in class and it was very intriguing. To answer this question we read a book, we made a public advertisement and we read McLuhan (who is and old professor) text that was meant for grade 12 of even university. In milestone one we got introduced to advertising and marketing by looking at an Apple advertisement called welcome home. We went through the project looking into the “medium is the message” (which is the the name of the project) and started figuring out what that meant. We went deeper into what medium is and we went deeper into what message is.

Here is the welcome home ad:

In milestones 1-3 we where learning about advertisements and advertising techniques and appeals. In milestones 4–6 we learned about McLuhan (the old professor) and his quote and theory “The medium is the message” and what that means. As it turns out the medium and the message also relates to the book we read “The Gospel According to Larry” which is about a teenaged boy who wants to change the world… and than does change the world. He makes a website a becomes a anonymous blogger, soon people from all overt the world are reading his blog and he becomes famous. During the second half of this project we designed made and critiqued and advertisement for a local business (in groups) and that helped us learn about advertising and our driving question and how to answer it. I have another post on my reflection of this project go here so see it. To sum things up this is my opinion on the question

Here are the phases our ad for Deep Cove Music went through:

“What Does What we Read, See and Hear Influence us?” In our world of 2020 everything that we recognize effects us in some way, may it be the water fountain at school or the billboard at the mall, it’s all changing something about our day and our decisions. For the billboard it’s someone who wanted to get you to but something from them, so they made an image that would try to convince you to us it from them. There are so many ads in our daily life that half of the time you dont even notice them, but their still there. That is consumerism as the book describes it. Humans have evolved to be what we are today, our brains are capable of so many things and its going crazy fast to make sense of it all. Now whenever I read, see or hear something (usually and ad) I begin to analyze it. Anything we read she or hear can change our lives, big changes or small. It could make you buy a milkshake or it could make you move to the Bahamas and start a family. My sister went to Las Vegas (pre covid) and she couldn’t believe how many ads and lights and things that where trying to get your attention. Modern times are crazy and you have to be aware of everything you read, click on, scroll to, and listen to.

That was my opinion on this project and that is for reading!

The medium is the message protect reflection

Project ✏️

We are doing a project called “the medium is the message”. The driving question for this project is “what does what we see hear and read influence us”. I like that question because it is very open ended and relevant, it invites you to think about it and makes you want to learn more. 

Launch 🚀 

At the beginning of the project we got into the launch phase, we thought about the question in class and we did the first milestone: welcome home. Welcome home was the name of an advertisement for apple’s new “home pod mini” . In the ad there was a woman who looked like she was down because of work and over all sad. When she got home she asked her “Home pod mini to play her some music, she started dancing and looked visibly happier. We analyzed the video and talked about it in class. We also got into our groups and picked a local business to design and make an ad for. Which sounded really cool!

Building knowledge 💡

Would group decided that we where doing Deep Cove Music for our business we started working on gathering information on our business. We also started Milestone 2, it was called historical media Analysis. We chose a piece of Media and analyzed it using our newly learned skills of media analysis. After that we worked more on media types and advertising techniques and persuasion in advertising, that was really interesting to learn about because all my life I’ve seen ads everywhere, sometimes I understood them or wanted to get The product and sometimes I didn’t understand them. Now whenever I  see an ad on the street or wherever I look it over and analyze it in my head. In milestone 3 we did a historical advertisement analysis where we picked an ad from sometime before we where born and analyzed it, this was very similar to milestone 2 but it was and ad not just any media and we where now better at this kind of thing. It was fun to break down an ad like that and interesting to se the types of old advertisements.

Develop and critique 🔁

We made our ads for our business and worked to perfect them this took a lot of time, communication from our group and going back and forth between project phases. We are still doing that now. I also did milestone 4  which is what I’m doing right now (a reflection), be are always going back and forth.

Conclusion 📝

I have enjoyed this project very much so far and I think it is a very interesting and cool topic, hopefully we can get our advertisements out there and finish everything.

My User Manual Reflection

We did a project called “My user manual” and it was basically a user manual of ourselves , as if we where robots or some product that came with a user manual. That project was really fun and it helped me learn who I am and how I can present who I am. Here is my user manual:

User guide: Rattray

Brand: Student

Model: Declan Rattray, iOS 5.3


Congratulations! Welcome to your very own student and friend, Declan Rattray 5.3, (referred to as: Declan, Dec, Decky, Ducky, or Duck.) Your new friend comes with functions, including but not limited to being:

•helpful in almost all situations

•good friend and being reliable

•good with technology and iPad assistance 

•mediocre at skateboarding


Before using Declan, be ready to get annoyed at him on initial use (you will get used to it). Prior to using Declan, it is recommended that you have a thorough understanding of skateboarding terms and culture.


Declan is accessible during the day. You can most often find him at Seycove Secondary school as that is where he is welcomed and where his education is based. Declan is often found checking his emails so that would be a good way to get his attention or to send him something across distances. iMessage is also a reliable way to communicate with Declan.

The skatepark is where Declan is found in 70% of his free time, so the Parkgate skatepark is a good place to check first. 20% of his time he will probably be hanging out with friends, and the other 10% is reserved for family.


Declan has five main modes which are always on and meant to be used on a daily basis: 1. Skater, 2. Tech guy/normal person, 3. student, 4. friend and 5. family member.

Setting 1: Skateboarder

In this setting Declan is supposedly a good skater, which includes knowledge of all the lingo, names of tricks and actually going to the skatepark.

Setting 2: Tech guy/ normal person.

This one is pretty basic; it’s just a tech guy who is also a normal person.

Setting 3: Student

This one is also pretty basic it is use the mode for the during “school” time. This setting is made for learning, but has numerous bugs including: A listening dysfunction, a focus problem, being loud and disturbing and fidgetiness.

Setting 4: Friend

In this setting you’ll find a assortment of features, including but not limited to: 

•empathetic feelings and actions

•alway being there for you

•having your back

•being a good friend in general

•being able to constantly save you from weird, awkward or any other situations.

Setting 5: Family member

This mode has three main functions: 1. Being a good son 2. Being a good brother and 4. Sometimes having to be the “man of the house.”


Warning this device may…

  • Be prone to making to many jokes or just telling bad jokes
  • Be very loud and annoying (as previously mentioned)
  • Have a very warped* perspective on things

•Try to much to be friendly and nice


Problem Solution
Declan’s skateboarding is not on par First, try insulting him and telling him that he can’t, this will motivate him to prove you wrong. You can also try to wait for hi to do it naturally, but that might take a while
There is no music in the vicinity Just ask Declan. He always has a wide selection of music download on his iPad and phone
You need Declan to focus or pay attention  First, consider that he is probably listening but I doesn’t look like it, and than bop him on the head


• Fuel with tacos and root beer🍺 🌮

• Make sure that you read frequently📕📗📘

  • Drive him around🚗🚕
  • Talk about skateboarding 🛹
  • Have music on frequently🎧🎼

Why 5.3 is the best:

The number 5.3 was named very carefully, 5 is the number of the different models in the rattray Family and 3 is Declan’s favourite number

I really liked this project because I’m not very good at presenting myself and getting What’s in my brain onto the paper and this project helped me do that. We also did a side project called “My Memoji laptop” where we made a custom digital cartoon images of ourselves behind a laptop. We made -digital- stickers of things that are important to us and put them on the laptop like this: 

My Memoji laptop

I really enjoyed this project and it helped me be more me.👍

Hello world!

Hi I’m Declan And welcome to my blog page!

This is my school blog page, and it is for school.

I am going to be posting all sorts of blogs and pages on my projects and progress and all of the things that i’ve learned.

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