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This is this is my recap of the Meiosis Models project that we’ve recently finished. The driving question for this project is: How is the reproduction of cells essential to the survival of organisms? I will answer this question at the bottom of my post.  For this project we had to use  a 3D art program called TinkerCad to make a couple sets of diagrams to show two types of cellular reproduction, mitosis and meiosis.

Building knowledge

This project started out with a mind map as our Science projects usually go. I’m not great at making mind maps and I thought I was getting better, but this one proved to be quite challenging, but it has been handed in and crucial to this project.

After some more textbook reading/video watching, we quickly moved onto a Khan Academy (quiz program) quiz about our knowledge from the textbook pages we’d been working on. I got a perfect score on this test which I’m pretty proud of, the only problem is it took me a while, so I had to finish it on my Friday night 👎.

Milestone four was our actual models, which was super cool to make. We’ve worked with TinkerCad before, but this was a bit different, as we where replicating a scientific event as to a creative build. Things had to be created to the parameters, so this took the better part of 3 classes.


Milestone five was a bit different. We did a lab, to look at mitosis up close. We planted a garlic bulb at the beginning of the project, and we got to look at the growing root tip under a microscope to look at some cells in reproductive phases.

The final product

Our final product was a short video, including our models, pictures from our lab experiment and voiceovers, explaining the processes.

This was really fun because it compiled all our work in a nice way, and made it really easy to see what you’ve learned

Questioning and Predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.

I used this competency throughout this project by reading through all the textbooks and paying attention to the videos and performed it in my Khan Academy and Models.

Scientific Communication: Formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon.

I used this competency in my Models and Khan Academy to demonstrate different stages of mitosis and meiosis. I can show what I’ve learned about the science and show it in a graphic way

Planning and Conducting: Collaboratively and individually plan, select, and use appropriate investigation methods, including field work and lab

experiments, to collect reliable data (qualitative and quantitative)

Me and my partner showed this in our lab, and I used it in my final video to make a plan of what to do before performing to get an accurate understanding and to be efficient as possible.

I learned a bunch in this project about come really cool topics and I hope to learn more about the life cycle of cells, as I think that would tie up some more thoughts about cells

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