How Should We Govern Ourselves?

We should keep on using a democratic system and let the people vote if they want first past the post, proportional representation or another voting system. The people should get what the people want. And then once the people get what they want then keep it that way until they want change. When it comes to voting it should still happen every 4 years unless called early. So in conclusion I think that we should keep on governing ourselves the way we are, for the most part. But some changes will be needed to help our country be better, some of the changes include taking another vote on wether people want proportional representation or first past the post.

The thing with doing another vote on first past the post vs proportional representation is that most people don’t know much about either system so I think it is important that the people are educated on what they are voting for (if you don’t know much about it take a look at my post talking about why proportional representation is good). So before the vote happens (just as an example) the government funded media should have a segment on their show talking about what the up sides and downsides are, or get the big news sources to encourage people to look into it and learn about what they are voting for.

How did I get this answer?

The first thing that helped me come to this answer was the first milestone (blog post mentioned above) this milestone helped me learn more about how flawed the canadian system is and what we can do to fix it. In the milestone I took a deeper dive into what proportional representation really is. It also helped me learn that realistically we are not going to be able to achieve a system that will be perfect for Canada. This is because most political systems are like double edged blades, sometimes the good side is more sharp than the other and sometimes its the other way around. Something else that helped me a lot with this project is that I used to have a very large interest in politics already, so for a good bit of time I used to look into how countries run and how it could be better. Another thing for me is that I feel like a lot of the stuff when it comes to how we should govern ourselves boils down to common sense. 


In conclusion I think that we should use a democratic system and let the people vote for a system that they want. But the biggest thing when doing this is to encourage people to look into the different systems. The reason that we would want to do this because if we don’t there is a high chance that people will just vote for the same system that is in place because they don’t care, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. We also need to start taking action on the things that are happening and things that the people want fixed.

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