My party has many views on many things, such as the social and economic issues that are affecting us right now. Despite our different views, we came together and we were able to make a solution that tackles both social and economic problems. This brings me to one of the reasons that my party is good. The party has people on every side of the political spectrum, you might think that this would hinder us but it is the opposite. It lets us see many problems in many ways this lets us come up with the best way to solve the problem at hand while compromising just the right amount. This leads me to why you should vote for my party (if it was real). “You should vote for us because we have so many different views on many problems. This will let us tackle social and economic issues at the same time. We want to go green and be a leader in the climate change movement by helping other countries go green. How will we do this? We will do this by selling our natural resources (such as natural gas) to other countries for a good price. This will help make our economy do better while simultaneously working on climate change. We will also lower the taxes for the middle and lower class and raise it for the upper-class large companies.” You can see the rest of our policies in the image below.

When it comes down to how we came up with these ideas it comes back to how our party has so many different views. Letting the more right side of the party tackle the economy and letting the more left side of the party tackle the social side of things. What does any of this have to do with my last milestone and how do I think this might help me come to my final answer for the driving question. As for relating to the past milestone we could look back at what we think is a problem with the government and use that to help us make a party that hopefully would not do any of the wrongs that we observed in the first milestone. As for how it will help me answer the driving question I don’t think that It will help me that much with getting the answer, I feel like a lot of the stuff that I put into the milestone what prior knowledge so while this milestone might be a great help for some people I don’t feel like it has done anything for me. 

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