📝Alberta Field Study Reflection📝

So this year we went on a trip to Alberta. If you have read my other blog post you would know about our big project there. But this post is mostly talking about our focus and behaviour there. Now in Alberta there were a couple of little projects we did. And throughout the trip we needed to stay focused and accomplish all our videos. And I forgot to say that all the little projects we did in Alberta were short videos. And if I’m being honest it was hard for me to stay focused while doing it. There were somethings that I could have done to help me stay on topic. So I’m going to talk about my two favourite videos which were also the more difficult ones. 

I’m going to start with talking about how I stayed on topic and focused during this trip. I’m gonna honest, it wasn’t easy to stay focused and at times I feel like I lost my focus and could have stayed on track better. But it is hard to stay focused when you’re always around your friends and on a overnight trip. So I’m just going to be talking about those two projects and how I did my best to stay focused and finished on time.

The focus for all of our videos is making and editing videos. Whether it be remaking a video or creating one of our own, we are learning about how to film, edit, and plan for making a video. The first video we made in Alberta was the a Ghost Town Video. One of our first educational stops in the trip was at the Three Lake Valley Chateau. At the Three Valley lake Chateau there is a ghost town made up of old buildings brought from old towns or build there in the Chateau. All of these buildings were made over 100 years ago and in the town it includes a barbershop, a saloon, a sheriffs office, and a hotel. This one was so much fun but because it was fun made it a bit hard to stay focused. If you would like to watch the video itself I’ll have in below. Now this one was one of my favourites because we got to go to an actual ghost town. This place we went to was really creepy it has old mannequins everywhere. And all the buildings were imported from other old rundown towns. Anyway back to the project. I do think I could have gotten things done quicker and easier if my whole group and I worked more on our time usage. Something big things that would have been helpful are making a check list of what we needed to get done and when it should be done, or we could have had a big talk as a group and talk about who’s doing what and when it needs so be finished. So that’s what I’m going to focus on for next project for sure.


Second video I’m going to talk about is the Royal Tyrell Museum. This was a dinosaur museum and what we needed to do was create a individual video that was about 1 minute long in a time length of 40 minutes. Now that sounds easy but with all the filming and editing and recording audio it’s makes it pretty hard. And since it was a big museum we used a lot of that time finding an exhibit to do our video on plus the time to get there. Now since we had no idea what sort of video we had to create until our teachers told us when we got there that didn’t give us much time to plan. And as you know planning is VERY important when creating a original video from scratch in 40 minutes. I think I did okay with my dinosaur video but I did get a little stressed at the end because I still needed to edit but I was running out of time. Next time I would definitely even out my time because I found that I was only focusing on one scene when I should have been focusing on the other more important things.

Last thing to talk about, my final Alberta video. Now this was the most important and informative one of them all. This video was about how we answered the driving question. I’m not going to go into detail with it but I will link my other blog post that explains all about it. I think I did good with managing my time well. I included everything I wanted to include and I think I did pretty good with explaining the driving question. But I would’ve liked to get more interviews. I had two in my video but I wish I had gotten more. This was one thing I would try harder at next time. One other thing would have liked to fix would be my intro. I just think I could have made it more informative. But I do believe I did good overall. I will put in my Alberta video you you guys can watch it for yourself and see if you agree with me.


In conclusion I think the biggest thing I will work on for next project would definitely be my use of time. This was a bit of a problem for me and I wish I took it more seriously in Alberta. I think my focus on this trip was pretty good. There were a few things I would like to get better at, but overall I managed to stay calm and remember that even though we weren’t in school, we still needed to do schoolwork. I think it was a pretty successful trip for me because I managed to finish the projects in time and in my opinion they were pretty good and definitely proud of how they turned out.

– Emily ✌️

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