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🏑Field hockey🏑

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be talking about field hockey, my favourite sport! Now I have been playing field hockey for a very very long time. When I first got involved with field hockey… Continue Reading →

📝Alberta field study reflection📝

So this year we went on a trip to Alberta. If you have read my other blog post you would know about our big project there. But this post is mostly talking about our focus and behaviour there. Now in… Continue Reading →

📐Game of exponent laws📐

Hi and welcome back! Ya I know I haven’t posted in a while but it was summer! Do you expect me to do work in summer? Nope. Anyway, I’m math class we did a project about exponent laws. Now what… Continue Reading →

New year, new project. You know what that means! It’s blog post time. After quite an interesting week of bus rides and interviews. I finally got my answer to the driving question. How does place impact who we are? Well… Continue Reading →

🌷Spring Expedition🌷

Hi peoples! Today I’m going talk about BLUE SKY!!! Sense it is the last blog post I’m going to write of this year you should enjoy it. First let me explain Blue Sky, Blue Sky Is one of my classes… Continue Reading →

🌊Colonization in a Tempest🌊

Hello peoples! Today I’m going to talk about our project called Colonizing in a Tempest. Colonizing in a tempest is a compilation of historical significance events of New France and the First Europeans colonization of what became Canada and Shakespeare’s… Continue Reading →


Hello and welcome to my tPOLS! Today I am going to talk about projects I have done this year, my goal for next year and how I am going to get there. First let’s talk about some of my favourite… Continue Reading →

🕰Time Machine🕰

In my class we have an extra class called PGP. PGP is all about goal setting and helping us stay on track with homework it also about helping us become a better person. PGP has helped me so much this… Continue Reading →

🧠Imagination destination🧠

So we did a HUGE! project called Destination Imagination (DI). It was so much fun but also very very stressful. So we were put into groups of five and was given a choice of five different categories (Fine Arts, Engineering,… Continue Reading →

🌎It’s the end of the world project review🌎

So this term we did a project called it’s the end of the world as we know it. (based on the song) What we did was recreate the lyrics to tell the story of how our transition from elementary school… Continue Reading →

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