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Hello and welcome back to another blog post. Today’s topics is very interesting. In class we learnt all about continuity and change from the 1950s to today. The Deep Cove Heritage Society, has been making an effort to preserve Deep Cove’s history since 1985. What is Deep Coves history? Deep Cove has changed a lot from back then to today, and to record these changes my whole class did archival interviews for the Heritage Society. These interviews were the base and start of this project, when the driving question is, “How did Canadian life develop after WWII?”. 

That’s a pretty big question to answer. And needs more thought put into it for a good thorough answer. In order for that I’m going to talk about the highlight assignments we did during this project that’s truly helps show how I got my answer for our driving question. 

The first assignment I’d like to talk about is my keynote presentation explaining my choice of topic for my podcast. I chose this because I believe it clearly show off one of our competencies, continuity and change. This assignment I think was a really important milestone we did. It gave us a chance to present our ideas and thoughts which can give a whole other perspective on your topic. For my podcast topic I decided to talk about gender roles and equality with woman, my main focus was the housewife and how that was portrayed in the 50s to now. My overall presentation definitely was a big help for me and my podcast, not to mention how much I learnt about the 50s that I never knew about. It’s very interesting learning all these new things about our world, it’s crazy to think how much has changed and how much has stayed the same.

For my second assignment I chose my notes from when we watched pleasantville. A movie about two kids from 1990 get transported into a tv showed based in the 50s. Watching the movie was not only entertaining but extremely interesting. We got a whole other perspective of continuity and change from the 50s, but this time in the 90s. I enjoyed watched and learning how people lived back then. For the kids from the 90s the 50s was so weird and different, I can’t imagine how different it’d be for us to go to either decade. The world has evolved and changed a lot, but also many many things are the same, little details that are still very present today. 

Pleasantville notes

For my last and final assignment I’m going to talk about my script. This covers the discuss listen, and speak competency. Of course the script is the biggest more important thing for my podcast, it’s the entire whole of it. It not only was the start of my podcast, but also part of my conclusion. Talking and discussing what I learnt with my interviewee. Hearing her interesting stories and perspective on it. It helped me gain another look on this project from someone else eyes. 

Now for my conclusion. The answer to the driving question. The thing leading this all. I enjoyed this project, I learnt a lot and I’m glad I did. The driving question for this project was definitely a big one. Took a lot of thought. My answer is… 

How did Canadian life develop after WWII? That’s the question we’re answering today. Canadian life changed and evolved so much, and in many ways. When the war ended Canadians realized there were many opportunities for products that will help shape and grow our world. They realized this when the baby boom came into act. 

This benefited Canada a lot after the war. More lives meant more job opportunities opening up, more technology was created, and lots of mass production that was needed. The end to the second World War was a big turning point. I believe that Canada knew a big change in society was needed. So many brilliant people started creating these remarkable things, things that seemed like a dream back then. When they came out with the fridge, and television that was one of the biggest changes, and did a lot for Canadians.

Life developed so much when the war ended. It opened up a whole new perspective on life, and many life changing creations. Things we still use to this day. Over time we became smarter and started making more things that would benefit society. Im proud of how far Canada has come.

Thank you for tagging along with this blog post. I hope you found an interest in this! If you curious for more information about this topic I highly suggest you check out my classmate Malaika’s blog and listen her podcast!!

– Emily

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