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The Komagata Maru

Hi! My name is Erin! I’m in grade 10 and apart of this cool program at school called PLP. This post is about the legacy of the Komagata Maru. What was the Komagata Maru? Why is it relevant to our… Continue Reading →

Think You Can Do Better?

Hi I’m Erin, welcome to my blog! This post is about a recent project and unit we did in our PLP humanities class. The unit was about political views and parties. We got to make our own party with a… Continue Reading →

The Bright Party!!!

Hello, I’m Erin and this is my blog! The Bright Party! This is our press release! We got to make our own political party for a school project, and this is ours! If you are new to my blog I… Continue Reading →

Election Reflection!!!

Election Reflection!!! Hello, I’m Erin and this is my blog! This post is a reflection on the 2021 Canadian election. Why is it always the Conservatives or Liberal parties that win? If you have never seen my blog before I… Continue Reading →

The Great WWI!!!

What is this video? Why did I make it? How might we use artifacts and film to show the significance of WWI? Hi I’m Erin and welcome to my blog!!! Im in a program at school called PLP. Click on… Continue Reading →

The Case For A Nation!!!

Hello!!! I’m Erin! Welcome to my blog. This is a post about our last unit in maker and humanities. This unit was mainly based on nationalism and video making. There were 10 milestones which is a lot. I will explain… Continue Reading →

Rise Of The Frankenstuffie!!!

Hello! It’s time for another humanities/maker blog post! I am in a very cool program at school called PLP. This past project was very fun, weird and different. In this post I will talk about all the milestones in this… Continue Reading →

Storm The Barricades!!!

Hey! It’s time for another learning portfolio post! I’m apart of a program at school called PLP and this was our most recent project. I got to learn all about the French Revolution and the American Revolution. For this project… Continue Reading →

Running a Remake!!!

The Idea!!! What was this project? Hi! I’m Erin! I’m apart of a really amazing program called PLP and this was our latest project called Running a Remake! What is PLP? Click the link! The main idea of this project… Continue Reading →

A Sustainable Blue Sky!!!

Hi! It’s time for the last PLP Maker 8 blog post. Because of the Corona Virus we were unable to go into the school to have our 2020 spring exhibition but our teachers made it possible for us to still… Continue Reading →

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