Welcome back! Today we’re going to be focusing on science. For this challenge, we had to focus on a topic of science we are interested in. I choose why can fish not swim backwards. In this I will give you some right or wrong questions and some scientific knowledge.

Lets start with this, why can’t fish swim backwards? Turns out that some fish can. Although some can, lets focus on the ones that can’t. A easy way to describe it is, fish have a certain muscle in their body leading to their tail that allows them to get a lot of power to move them forward. This makes for pretty inconvenient ways to go backwards. For most they have to crank their bodies around just to go the other way.

In this picture, we see the muscle breakdown of a fish. With the spinal cord being very flexible, fish are able to twist in a 180º angle. Although, their tails are like flippers. They generate power, but you can’t physically move it in ways you want. So in conclusion, these types of fish can’t swim backwards.

If you look up a video on this subject, you won’t find anything. You will more likely find a fish swimming backwards. These are the certain fish that move in different ways than your normal fish.

Now you will do my quiz. In this you will have a quiz on a question that is answered somewhere in this post.

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