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How Can We Govern Ourselves Summative Learning Post

Ahhh, another project in the wraps. They just keep coming and going! Soon enough I’ll be graduated! Regardless, here is my summative post on my most recent project:) So, How Can We Govern Ourselves? Well, the video above is my… Continue Reading →

Press Release – The Future Party of Canada

Hi, My name is Gabriele Altomare and I am part of the Future Party Of Canada. We are planning to run in the upcoming election and I would like your vote. This is our parties’ official press release. *Press Release*… Continue Reading →

Lower the Required Age to Vote

I have created this mini photo collage with the picture above! I chose to use this collage as I believe it accurately depicts The Canadian Government system in 3 parts. In my opinion, these three major points of The Canadian… Continue Reading →

1950s Summative Post

  Ah, the end of another project. What a past 7 weeks it has been. Through the good and the bad, in this post I will show you and provide you with evidence of how I completed this project and… Continue Reading →

PLP Exhibition and how it relates to the 1950s

As you know, I have recently completed (or about to) a project about the 1950s. In this project we talked about everything that happened post war. The baby boom, the economy sky rocketed, social programs and SO much more. I… Continue Reading →

Israel Palestine and Continuity and Change

As this project is coming to a close, I feel like I have really got a good understanding of the competencies we have used. Specifically continuity and change. I have done many assignments and presentations regarding this competency and I… Continue Reading →

The 50s Baby Boom Directly Connects With The Invention Of Rock And Roll

As you may already know, post war years (1946-50ss) came with a baby boom. An influx of babies being born. This happened because as soldiers came home they wanted to start families and forget the war, so they made babies. As babies… Continue Reading →

DisneyLand – How they keep us in the loop – Week 2 Formative Post

As you may or may not have seen, a few days ago I uploaded a post about DisneyLand. In the post I mention how DisneyLand fits into the competency Continuity and Change. I will link the post HERE if you… Continue Reading →

Disney Land continuity and change

Disney Land is a prime example of continuity in my opinion. As it was built in the 1950s, Walt Disney specifically engineered it to be “perfect” Everything about it was “perfect” People came from all over the world to experience… Continue Reading →

National Securtiy, 1930s vs Present

In class yesterday we had an assignment. It was a relatively small assignment but I found it extremely interesting and I decided to do my weekly blog post on it. My task was to make a poster about how something… Continue Reading →

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