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I HearVerona: Final Summative Blog Post

Another project come to a successful close! If you have scrolled down on my blog you might have seen a few posts mentioning our recent class project: Romeo and Juliet. The driving question for this project was How can we… Continue Reading →

IHeartVerona: Week 3 Formative Post.

As you have seen, for our class project we have been talking about how we can relate Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and make it appeal to a modern audience. In this post I want to scrap completely “making it appeal”… Continue Reading →

IHeartVerona: Week 2 Formative post.

As you already know, We are learning about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play in class. An interesting topic I found was that some scenes or even acts could be missing. This is because when Shakespeare was dead, a few of… Continue Reading →

iHeartVerona : Week 1

#Nice! Week one of our new project iHeartVerona done! Here is a quick summary… We analyzed the first few acts of Shakespeare’s play, Made a co-hosted podcast episode, And Completed milestone 1. For this Formative blog post I would like… Continue Reading →

WW2:In Their Words

Ah, Another project in the works. Through all the ups, downs, happy, sads we made it. Winter break, and Christmas are upon us. In this post I will be reflecting on my most recent project.  WW2:In Their Own Words The… Continue Reading →

Who Is The Greatest Canadian?

Ahhh, Here we are back with yet another blog post. This time its on Who is the Greatest Canadian with a twist! Allow me to explain… In this project we made a podcast episode that answered our driving questions and… Continue Reading →

Week #2, Who Is The Greatest Canadian

Week number two of Who is the greatest Canadian completed!✅ Instead of giving you a recap of the week in these types of blog posts I would like to get into our new types of assignments. Each week we are… Continue Reading →

Who is the Greatest Canadian?

This week was the first week of our new humanities project. The project is called The Greatest Canadian. The past few days we were introduced to it. Here’s what we know so far: We will be making a podcast episode… Continue Reading →

Identity… What is it?

What is identity? Well, google’s definition of Identity is “The characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.” This is a very broad definition. When my class was asked to define identity this is what we came up… Continue Reading →

World War 1 and how I learned about it.

Here is our final class book! World War 1. The first “major” war in the worlds history. This project was about learning about it. We read a book, completed milestones and in the end we made a final class book… Continue Reading →

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