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The Process of Confederation…… 2020

Confederation of the colonies of Canada, HAS BEEN ACHIEVED! *gavel bangs* PSYCH! The main goal of this project was to try to achieve Confederation as a class. Here is how it went! We started off being put into different colonies… Continue Reading →

Mpols…. 😬πŸ€ͺ

Hello everyone. Welcome to my mpol. Today I will take you through a journey of my learning throughout the year so far. β€œThank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I… Continue Reading →

I been TikTokin Walk the Walkin….

For this humanities project our driving question was β€œHow can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?” The end project was to make three memes. Each meme conveying an answer to… Continue Reading →

My first PLP Winter Exhibition! ^!*THE DEATH STAR*!^

The Winter Exhibition was an amazing event that showcased all of my learning over the span of 2 months. In this post I will explain to you everything we did in each portion. Humanities and Maker. To start off we… Continue Reading →

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars the Last Jedi” is a fantastic showcase of the Rebels journey of escaping the Imperial Forces. This is the second Star Wars movie under the direction of Disney. Near the beginning of the movie Rey meets Luke. The… Continue Reading →

Week 8: SBC

Student Blogging Challenge: This was my first time participating in the student blogging challenge. During the overall span of the Student Blogging challenge I have mixed feelings about my learning experience. During the first few weeks I did not like… Continue Reading →

Live Event Video

For this project, I filmed a live event. I went to my Seycove grade 9 basketball practice and filmed our practice. We mostly worked on 1v1 drills and played a little bit of a scrimmage at the end.Β  One of… Continue Reading →

Maker 9 Term 1

During this term of the maker, we worked on making videos. We learned about all the different things that go into making a video. We learned how to analyze for different shots, take different types of shots, plan, film, edit,… Continue Reading →

Student blogging challenge week 7

My family celebrates many holidays. Our favorite is Christmas. We have some special traditions for Christmas.Β  Firstly, In Italy it is tradition that you eat some type of fish dish of Christmas Eve. Usually we have pasta with, scallops, muscles,… Continue Reading →

Student Blogging challenge: Emojjis!

Can you do this emoji math? 🌞+🌞= 20 🌍+🌍+🌍+🌍+🌏+🌏+🌍+🌍+🌍+🌍=10 πŸͺ+πŸ’«=10 πŸͺ+🌍=8 🌚+🌚=10 🌍+🌍+🌍+πŸͺ+ 🌞+🌞? 🌍+🌍+🌍+🌍+🌍+🌞= 🌚+🌚+🌍+πŸͺ=?     Guess the Movies!   So, I was eyeing the pizza and it looked appetizing! But, I knew I had to go… Continue Reading →

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