As you know, I have recently completed (or about to) a project about the 1950s. In this project we talked about everything that happened post war. The baby boom, the economy sky rocketed, social programs and SO much more. I completed a reflection on the 1950s that you can check out to get a deeper understanding of what I am talking about in the pictures below.


Soon, on June 23, 2021 I will also be participating in a PLP exhibition. A representation of my learning. The whole theme of this exhibition is “What Makes Us Proud To Be Canadian?” Each grade participating will relate this back to their most recent project. In my case, the 1950s. So my class needs to find things that make us proud to be Canadian while also representing the 1950s era. We have a few good ideas that I would like to share with you.

  1. Television and Nuclear family. Our first idea is to have the classic nuclear family sitting by the TV watching it all together. (This is the representation of the 50s) On the TV will be playing “Hockey Night in Canada” with instant replays. (Hockey Night in Canada and instant replays were invented and popularized in the 50s AND hockey is one of the main puzzle pieces in Canadian identity.) During this vignette there will also be lots of ads for kids toys, and cereal as the 50s were the consumers era and these were very common.
  2. Another Idea we had as a class is to have a soldier going off to war, and then coming back buying a house in the suburbs, and starting a family with his war bride from Europe. This is good because the war brides aspect and also the going/coming back from war aspect are from the 50s, this doesn’t necessarily play into the Canadian ideology but we can incorporate it especially because it feeds into our main point well.

If you have any other ideas worth mentioning feel free to leave them below:)