As this project is coming to a close, I feel like I have really got a good understanding of the competencies we have used. Specifically continuity and change. I have done many assignments and presentations regarding this competency and I would like to show my understanding towards it by applying it to real world problems and conflicts that are occurring right now.

Israel and Palestine. A conflict that has been going on for years and years. Which has changed, and also stayed to same. How? You may ask, well here ya go.


The conflict between the two has been around since Israel was established. Around the year 1948. And there has continued to be a conflict between them since. The hatred between the people of these countries has also remained the same. Palestinians have shamelessly walked up to Jewish people and hit them etc and vice versa. The basis on what is being fought for has also stayed the same. Land. You see, Israel got greedy and wanted more land than what Britain originally gave them. They thought they were being cheated out of it. So, they took it, during this they also took Jerusalem which is sacred land and supposed to be no-mans land, this hasn’t sat well with Palestine and here we are now. So, the original motives and reasons of why these two countries are fighting is the same and has continued to stay the same since it started all those years ago.The Mendacious Maps of Palestinian “Loss” - The Tower - The Tower



Oh boy there’s a lot that has changed. Obviously there are lots of changes in the land being occupied. This changes practically weekly. With different invasions going on and airstrikes the lines of whos is who have been blurred. There are also changes in regarding conflicts. Airstrikes have been really common from both sides. Hamas a borderline terrorist group fighting for the Palestinians has launched countless airstrikes sent for Israeli land. Israel has also launched many airstrikes towards the Gaza Strip where most of the Palestinian military might is located. There are a few major changes that have occurred recently. Israel has changed their defense and implemented a new system called the Iron Dome. In short it blocks and intercepts about 80% of the missals that have ever been launched into the Israel mainland. Israel has also changed and mobilized their Iron Domes meaning they can literally move them almost anywhere.

Israel has also changed in the fact that is seems like they are mobilizing for war, they are preparing troops, moving equipment and more. Israel is much bigger than Palestine and will surely win the war if one is to occur. Palestine has not made any changes to their military might yet.

In conclusion, a lot of things have changed and stayed the same in this conflict. I hope I was able to give you a better understanding of the conflict and my knowledge of the competency.