Ahhh, another project in the wraps. They just keep coming and going! Soon enough I’ll be graduated! Regardless, here is my summative post on my most recent project:)

So, How Can We Govern Ourselves? Well, the video above is my answer. Now let me explain how I got there.

At the beginning of the project we were told that we would be making our own political party. From then on I realized that every single assignment from then on would help us and lead us to our end goal! Think of it like a race, this is the start and I have just been told what type of race this is and how long it will be! Ready, Set, Go!

Fist up came learning about Canada’s government. How would I be able to make a political party and reform Canada if I didn’t know how our government worked in the first place? Well, that was our first pit stop. We watched many videos on how our government works and the structure of it. How Canada is a constitutional government, how we have a Senate, the Queens involvement and much more. We also talked about the political spectrum. We talked about what each “side” means and stands for and then we talked about where each party places itself on it. A very interesting thing I took away from this is how the Liberal Party of Canada tends to be in the “middle.” And, based on which trends are being seen in the public, they can sway either to the left or too the right to meet the peoples wants and needs. I found this very intriguing as I was not aware of this and previously thought that the Liberals were towards the “left” side of the spectrum. After this, we talked about the structure of videos. Attack adds, campaign videos, the differences, the similarities and how we could use these to our advantage when creating our own videos. To encompass this mini unit I wrote a blog post. In the post I expand on the Canadian government and even provide some of my own opinion on how we can reform Canada! You can check it out HERE!

Halfway done! Few more laps to go!

Next, we made our political parties! I was put in a group with Holly, Mathew, Anders, and Julia. Together we created The Future Party of Canada! I don’t want to get to in depth about what our party stands for, but you can check it out HERE in our press release. I highly recommend it as it is a great read and shows our beliefs, values, and priorities as a party. As of now, we haven’t been told why we were all put in a group together. I would like to assume we were put in a group together because we all have strong opinions about topics. Each and every one of us feels strongly about an issue. Whether it be the economy, mental health, the environment, or anything else, we had to find a way to overcome these challenges and work as a team. I believe Ms. Willemse put us in a group together to see how well we could overcome our disagreements and compromise for the benefit of not only our group but also our party. Looking back and reflecting on this, many political parties in the world have to do the exact same thing. Not everybody in the Liberal Party of Canada agrees on the same minor detail, but they all share a big picture and can compromise within that. I feel that is what happened with our group. Judging by how well our video and our press release came out I would say it worked exceptionally well.

Last 100m, Give it all you got!

Now came the making of our campaign video…. This behemoth of a task…. Overcome…. JUST…. LIKE…. THAT! When making our video, we wanted to take inspiration from Corey Booker. And his campaign add of “We Will Rise.” Corey used this add as he was running for the leader of the Democratic party in the United States. He did not get elected as we know Joe Biden did but we took heavy inspiration from his add.

Corey has a lot of feeling and emotion in his add. You can tell he cares about what he is talking about and has a purpose to his voice. He is also not just saying things, he is saying things that matter and what he will do about them. He is proving to the people that he is the right one for us. When taking from his add, we wanted to leave out all the words on the screen. Although ours does have words on the screen, we didn’t want it taking away from our actual video. We lined it up so that everything lines up perfectly with no need on emphasis on anything. The emphasis was put in at times when it was necessary or heard in the narrators voice.

Last 20m! Almost done!


Finally, we edited and put together our video. We did this in such a way to put impact on the words we were saying. We were showing that with any challenge opposed to us, we were able to overcome as a whole. I started off this project with knowing nothing about Canadian politics. Through trial and error with my 2 other blog posts the campaign video and more, I have not only learned appreciated this knowledge, but I believe I have done all the learning there is to do for it. And, this has helped me realize that the only last thing to do is to present it. So, hopefully I have shown you how I got to my final milestone of creating a campaign video. Now you know a little more about Canadian Politics and a little more about what learning was done in order to create this video.

So, How Can We Govern Ourselves?

We can govern ourselves by coming together as people. Nothing will ever be achieved if only one person steps forward. Everybody must do their part and work as one. Yes, Canada needs reform, yes I talk about it in the first post linked above, but no change can ever occur if only one person wants it. The amount of change that occurs is dependent on how many people want it. Through learning and discussing with my group, we came to the conclusion that we need to be compelling. If anybody truly wants change, you must be the first to do something about it and the people will follow. Think of Martin Luther King, he started his journey. At a certain point it was just himself alone in his mission. Then he gained traction and the people flocked. The people came together with Martin as their leader. Canada can have change and will have change, if we come together as one. We all share the same world, the same land, and the same air, nothing will be done about any problem if we keep living in disagreance. We must come together as one population, one people, one country, and fix ourselves. There is many ways that can be done, but the first step is getting there.

That, is how we can govern ourselves.