Yes, the land does change us.

You may have read in my previous blog post, where I talked about how I thought the land might have shaped who you are (click here). But to truly, truly understand the answer to this question we had to dig a little deeper. So, naturally we went to Alberta. That, however, wasn’t the only reason that we went 😅. But, I will discuss Alberta in a different post.

Before we start my definition of identity is the way someone sees themselves and projects themselves to the world. I think it’s important to understand that before we start.

So when we went to Alberta we were tasked with creating a video. Where we would delve into what about the land can really shape someone. 

The criteria for this video was:

– we had to focus on three main places to try and find the answer to our question ex: Calgary, Banff and Golden.

– we had to do at least one interview with someone of the regions we visited.

Now, I would go on and on about all other different things that shape identity, but I think it would be easier to understanded in a video. Click below to watch it!


It was a very interesting project and I got to meet many fascinating people. Someone who was quite inspiring and who you can hear about in the video was Leo Downey, he is the owner of a buffalo ranch. When he was talking, it was really quite clear that where he lived, the sheer wilderness and all the nature and wildlife had really impacted who he was. To me that was quite an inspiring moment seeing how much the land he lived on had shaped him.

I hope trough watching this video and reading this post you may have learnt something about who you are and what makes you who you are. Thank you very much for having read this, see you guys around soon!


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  1. Lucy at |

    I really liked how you talked about how the land has impacted Leo Downey. It was cool to hear these things about multiple people.
    However, there’s just a couple typos and some of the wording could be changed to make it easier to understand.
    That picture really relates to the topic!


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