How does what we see, hear or read influence us?

How does what we see, read or hear influences us? This is the question that I had to answer throughout my LAUNCH project. One part of the project that helped me come to an answer for  this question is my commercial dig.


For this we had to watch 30 minutes of television and record what ads we saw and write down the product, the purpose of the product and on a scale from 1 to 5 on how much you want it. This made me think of how what you see, hear or read can be interpreted differently by other people. It all depends on how you take in information and what your preferences are, and that leads me to the next thing that helped me answer the driving question. My reflection on the commercial dig.


 My answer to the first question relates to my answer on how what we see, hear or read influence us because i think one reason someone can be influenced is because it’s related to something that they like or it’s presented in a way that they like. But there’s always other ways someone can get influenced by what see, hear or read, like if you really liked a book and you keep reading books in the same genre or the same plot. You were influenced by that book to read more of the same book. There are lots of ways that you can get influenced to do, say or make something. A great thing is that you can influence someone with out even knowing it, so every day you could change someone, and I think that’s a great reason why you should try to do good things.

At the end of this project my group and I made a final advertisement for our business. We sent lots of drafts out and got lots of feed back, and after that we made this.

In this final ad we used the font that arms reach uses for their logo and made it Child friendly!  This final ad is definitely better than the first. all the critique and draft helped us allot and I’m glad it turned out this way.

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Advertisement project reflection

This project was a great way to learn how to learn and see what Tactics advertisement businesses are using. Sharing my ideas and drafts of the advertisement was fun even though I didn’t think I did a great job at some of them. My group all had good advertisements. even though we did not use all of them it was good to see what we could change and do differently and our other drafts. Giving critique was hard because I didn’t want hurt anyones feelings but after I look back on the critique I got I know now that what they said helped me to see what I was doing in different ways and I hope that I did the same for them.

My first draft was terrible. There were to many pictures and fonts and ya. There were a lot of problems but after we learned more on what to do and not to do in advertisement I thought I had it all figured out. I was wrong.

Ya. I was clearly wrong. This draft was me trying to capture the aesthetic of the my business but I used WAY to many fonts. I think that my third draft was better.

This draft was actually one of the advertisements my group and I sent to the business. In the email he sent back He liked the use of the QR code so people could see what they have on their menu. He explained the specific font they use in their advertisements and logo so that was what I tried to use in my forth draft but I could not find the specific font so I used the closest thing I could find to it

I think that I definitely did a better job than the first. I know it’s not perfect but this is going to be my final design. throughout this project I always wonder why would a someone let grade 8s make a advertisement for their business because sure we don’t do this professionally but I think that after we learned mostly everything, sense we are the generation that is mostly targeted for advertising I think that we know what strategies can work and actually catch our attention. This project was cool and i hope that my groups business likes our final advertisement!

See you next time.

User manual reflection

My reflection on this is that it was hard for me at some times on what to write about yourself and how to word it. After a while when i had written most of it it was easy to add more to it and have more ideas of what to do. I was actually surprised after I finished my draft because I usually don’t write a lot nand I didn’t have as much trouble writing as i thought I would. My favourite part of the project was the Memoji because it was fun making the stickers and finding new tricks on the iPad. This was a fun and creative way to show and express yourself and it was really fun

Hello world!

Hi to who ever is reading this. My name is Gwen and this is my introduction to my blog. This is the first blog I’ve ever had so this is all new to me, sharing my work with so many people is kind of  scary to me. But there’s a first time for every thing so i guess i better get started. I have a lot of nick names but one of my favourites if g-wen. I love to paint mostly with acrylics and water colours. I like to do photography too and i use my pets as models but i think their getting tired of sitting still with me trying to get them to pose. Some things i would like to learn through out high school are sign language because i think its an really cool way of communicating, how to write better, how to speak in Spanish and math (its just really annoying to me). I want to look back on this in grade twelve and hopefully can say that i can do all of these things!