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Lies and Incongruencies 🪶

Hey, Hey, Hey! Welcome back to another blog post for another project, this time round we took a look at Indigenous peoples throughout Canada’s history and in the end created a collage, let’s take a look through the project!

We started off this project by creating an I Am From poem. Creating this poem gave us a sense of where we are from, this was a chance to highlight the things that we think shaped who we are now and how we view the world around us, specifically Canada – mine didn’t really focus to much on Canada though. My poem focused more on key moments that I thought of when I thought of my childhood and my upbringing to where I am now.

Next we started started the journey of gathering information for our final product: A collage, This collage needed to show our understanding of Truth and Reconciliation and what we had learned over the course of the project. To reach this point, we first needed to understand the what Truth and Reconciliation is and its impact on the present generation.

We did this during keystone 2. In keystone 2 we looked at 3 different issues that fell under these categories: Historical, Contemporary, and Civl. We then needed to find 2 sources and an art piece that showcased the topic we then needed to write at least 2 paragraphs talking about the issue and how the art represented the topic. These are mine:

1 – History and Art

2 – Contemporary Issues and Art

3 – Civil Disputes and Art

These photos and themes would later make it into my collage which showcased photos and experts from the text. Speaking of collages we could choose for our collage be either digital or physical, I chose to create a physical piece. This is what my collage ended up looking like – I’m really proud of it!:

Throughout this project we were also reading the book “The Marrow Thieves.” by Cherie Dimaline. This book shows various aspects of Canada’s past and present. It sheds light on the experiences of Indigenous peoples and the effects and consequences of colonization, while also diving into contemporary concerns like environmental degradation and the struggle for cultural survival. This book shows all of these themes through an almost dystopian lens, envisioning a world in which Indigenous peoples are hunted for their bone marrow which holds the key to curing a pandemic which is the lack of dreaming.

“The Marrow Thieves” tackles pressing environmental issues while drawing parallels to the broader context of colonization. Throughout it the book portrays a future in which the world is destroyed by the impacts of climate change, resulting in resource scarcity. This representation  resonates with Canada’s current challenges concerning environmental destruction, such as deforestation, oil extraction, and the adverse effects of industrial development on Indigenous lands. By interweaving these themes, the novel highlights the interconnectedness of environmental justice and Indigenous rights.

Thanks for reading!

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