Industry as it Was Never Seen Before

This project was about the first Industrial Revolution. For all intents and purposes of this blog post, I will be referring to it as the “Industrial Revolution”.

Throughout the Industrial Revolution many things happened. All of the changes and forthcomings  that happened were done to maximize efficiency with the ‘new’ technology of the time. The inventions and innovations that were put in place set other inventions and innovations off that had many, many consequences. Some of those were new ideologies, new technologies, new industries, and a lot more new things as well. It also grew the economies of countries experiencing it by quite a margin.

As the Industrial Revolution started, it was withheld to Britain and few other Western Countries. After few years, it started to spread to countries like Russia, Japan, and the Ottoman Empire. All of the countries that adopted the technologies and ideas of the Industrial Revolution had far less starvation and famine. They also  started getting public education as well as having ideas spread a lot quicker due to a jump in the amount of trade, especially international trade.

I learned about all this in my last project in which we created a ‘Frankenstuffie’. What we did within our project went as follows. At first we created a ‘Frankenstuffie’ out of various stuffies we had lying around. I used 4 different stuffies to create mine.

Then we learned a bit about writing short stories and about the Industrial Revolution. After that we took our stuffies and made short stories about them which were set in the Industrial Revolution. That was followed by a long process in which we created a screenplay and a storyboard, followed by us making the videos in the span of a few days. My screenplay and storyboard were both really detailed and although I only drew so that they were the absolute minimum for recognition, they still took me a long time because of the writing.

When I made the video, the screenplay and storyboard I wrote helped me a lot, beat only to my knowledge of the story I made up and wrote. The video itself was made using a few apps. Those apps were SuperimposeX, iMovie, Camera, YouTube, FlipaClip, Sketches Pro, Keynote, and Explain Everything. During my process I would find a few royalty free images on Google. I would then edit them a bit so that they were suited to my wants and needs. After that I would take the picture of my Frankenstuffie and put it into the frame. Then I would move the Frankenstuffie around and do what I wanted to be seen. Once that’s done I’d put my short clip into iMovie where I would later record the audio. Although that was my process for the most parts, I also did something different for the start. There I used FlipaClip the whole time and it took ages. About one hour of work for every second of video. That’s why there’s only a bit of FlipaClip use at the start of my video.

With all this talk of my video I think you want to see it. So here it is.

Making this

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