My ČD 810 (Vláček Motoráček) MOC

Early into 2022, I got sick and was bound to my room for about two weeks. In that time I saw a lego build of the ČD 810. The ČD 810 or Vláček Motoráček is a train that is very dear to me because every time I went to my grandparents, we’d ride it through the Czech mountainside, with the lovely villages and the mighty castles going past us, to a small town along the German border. It was always a high point of my summer.

So when I saw the design and had the time, I began building.

At first I tried to recreate the design I had seen, brick for brick, but then some flaws became apparent.

The first flaw is that the windows weren’t big enough on the original, so I made a change.

Original                                                                                                                  My Version

Once I had changed the windows, I realized that my model wasn’t wide enough, compared to the actual thing. The actual Vláček Motoráček is a bit wider than the other normal trains, as portrayed in this image. In accordance to that, I changed my model from 8 bricks wide,

To ten bricks wide.

I had also added the sides of the front of the wagon up until the first window to see what the sides would look like. I could add the rest of the windows pretty easily once I’d had them, but at the time, I didn’t. My biggest challenge from this point forward would be the underside of the train with the motor and the wheels.

I managed to recreate the step up quite well. Here’s how I did it.

I wanted it to be motorizable, and for that I’d need to think through the placement of the motor and its relation to the bogie and the wheels, as well as the exterior elements which would make the bottom of the wagon look realistic. This was also the moment I realized, it this would be a lot easier if I was in the Czech Republic and I could look at and take pictures of the real thing.

I eventually went back to the Czech Republic but the line that went to my Grandparents town was now operated using a DB Länderbahn. This occurrence meant I would only see a few 810’s, only riding on one.

I nevertheless continued progress on my ČD 810. I had ordered a few parts and built a good amount of one side of the train. Although I had built a good amount, it’s size compared to the end product was minimal. I hadn’t even built half of one side of the vůz, just the front.

Me building the front of the vláček motoráček

In the end, it looked like this.

It was alright, but had some colour variation as I had not bought some pieces. My next objective would be to create the rest of it, but first I had my summer vacation.

While in Germany, I went to a few Bluebrixx stores. There, I bought windows and some other parts. I was lucky to find the windows there as they costed a fraction of what they cost on Bricklink. I also bought train wheels. Using the pieces, I could let my Vláček Motoráček go on rails.

Vláček Motoráček jede

After fiddling with it for a bit, I decided to take the front of the earlier version and use it for the back of this version.

360˚ view of the model

I then added the sixth side window that I had failed to add in this version.

After adding the sixth window, I extended the part of the roof I had parts for to cover the whole wagon. I also started work on the underside.

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