Hi there…

Hi there…

Hello there, new reader!

My name is Jesse. Somehow you managed to stumble across my blog, so here is what you can expect!

I started this blog in high school as a place to reflect on and showcase my work. Now I’ve graduated high school so it has become an archive of that work. But I don’t want it to stop just because I am in university now! So I’ve introduced the University Life tab where you can check out posts related to that. I’ll try and keep it up as best as possible.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m currently studying Visual Arts at the University of British Columbia. I am taking a lot of hands-on art-making courses but I am also studying art history.

Some of my hobbies besides making art are writing, reading and playing games. I write stories, screenplays, stage plays and poetry. I love film and television and I would love to delve deeper into film studies.

Some of My Favourite Movies and TV Shows:

My favourite video games are Hades and Animal Crossing. Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you play as Zagreus, son of Hades, as you tried to escape the underworld. Every time you die you start back at the very beginning, getting stronger as you go and making it further every time. Animal Crossing is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It’s a social simulator game where your character decides to pack up and move to a new island. Different characters come to live with you on the island and it is up to you to design your island.

Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness is probably my favourite book series. I’m fascinated by anything that tells a good story that’s is what inspires me to writ

Now to top it off with one last thing about me. I perform in the circus. To answer your question, yes it’s like Cirque du Soliel stuff. I have tried a lot of different disciplines over the years like ground and partner acrobatic, teeterboard, aerial silks and trampoline. However, in the last year, I’ve discovered a love for the Chinese Pole and that is what I’ve been dedicating my training to learning!

Well, I have to say, thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope my cool personality has enticed you to stay and join me on my learning journey!

3 thoughts on “Hi there…

  1. Hi Jessie, Well done on your post about yourself. Your video self portrait was very professional and comprehensive. I must take a look at Keynote and see what it involves.

    My name is Merry Beau and I am a commenter from the Student Blogging Challenge.

    I teach children between the ages of 4 and 12 and I am from Ireland. Here is a link to our class blog

    My class and I have done the student blogging challenge in the past and enjoyed it.

    I can tell you have been writing and blogging for a while as you have a good style of writing as a result.

    If you get a chance you could put up the Student Blogging Challenge badge for 2018. The instructions for doing that are here: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2018/10/01/badges/

    It would be lovely to hear back from you. You could leave a comment on our class blog.

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

    1. Hello Merry,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I will be sure to add the badge to my posts in the future. I’ll also be sure to leave a comment on your class blog.


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