Performance Learning Program

Work hard. Take Risks. Learn how to learn.

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PLP is a mainstream public school program that challenges students to become learners. 

Project Based Learning

School shouldn’t be rehearsal for real life — for PLP learners, it is real life. 

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Technology for Learning

Use of a personal iPad device allows learning tasks to be redefined. 

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Beyond the Classroom

Students live in the real world — PLP learners learn there too.

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PLP is mastery of core subject curriculum through deeper learning.

PLP is an academically rigorous mainstream program that challenges learners in grades 8 to 12 who seek an enriched and supportive learning environment.

With a focus on deeper learning, students master core academic content, think critically to solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and develop academic and growth mindsets.

PLP is for curious learners that want to make their time in school count.  

PLP provides learners with the preparation to succeed as self-advocates and independent agents in the post-secondary arena of their choice.

PLP teaches kids about the world and how it works, empowering them to make it a better place.

Project Based Learning emphasizes learning as a process, allowing learners to develop the skills necessary to become thoughtful, engaged citizens. By grappling with authentic tasks and challenges, PLP offers practiced preparation for post-secondary education and workplace success.

PLP teachers work as a tightly integrated team, designing instructional opportunities that take student inquiry across the curriculum.

This unique approach results in enriched projects that can include guest speakers, mentors from industry, and immersive field studies — all providing learning experiences that are unavailable anywhere else.

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Performance Learning Program

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