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PLP Welcomed as Apple Distinguished School!

The Performance Learning Program (PLP) at Seycove Secondary has been honoured to receive official designation as an Apple Distinguished School! Applying to be an Apple Distinguished School is by invitation only and is only given for a term of three years, so when...

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Edublogs Features PLP Students

We were excited and thrilled this week to see PLP students Kira (PLP 8), Sam (PLP 9), and Emily (PLP 10) featured as guest bloggers on the The Edublogger's site! So how did this awesome opportunity come about? This past fall, PLP students from grades 8 to 10 took part...

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Creating Our Podcast Beats!

   We have described before how as teachers, one of the more challenging apps to work with is GarageBand. Luckily the Everyone Can Create Music guide has been amazingly helpful in this regard. This lesson was no exception. PLP has...

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Photo Journalism with a Religious Worldview

As we hinted at in the Everyday Object post, PLP 8 just completed a major project on world religions called Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. For this project, student investigate how is a religion’s worldview represented in the real world? We investigate this thoroughly in...

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Upping Our Selfie Game with Portraits!

As we continue working in the Everyone Can Create Photo Guide, the PLP students are building their understanding of the still image from everyday objects and moving into Chapter 2: Portraits. This chapter of the book we started by reviewing the skills together as a...

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Diving Deep Into Live Loops

Oh GarageBand! As Apple Teachers, PLP teachers are familiar with GarageBand. However, as anyone who has worked in GarageBand will tell you, there is always more to be learned! Even as we believe maxim in PLP about pretty much everything, GarageBand is an example of...

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PLP Students Become Live Broadcasters?!?

After the great success we had with our PLP 9’s and their silent ghost town movies, we wanted to build that momentum even further and take on the video creator’s ultimate challenge: a live event. For the purposes of this project, we encouraged students to pick an...

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Everyday Objects with PLP 8

Our PLP 8 students have now been working with the iPad for two months. One of the big goals for PLP 8 in terms of skills is for our learners to gain a grounding in storytelling and the skill of using the still image. Those goals tie in very nicely to our work with...

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What’s an Animatic Anyway?

We have always been known to do exceptional video projects in PLP. However, the final products have taken many revisions and a lot of critique from teachers and peers to get to those stages. Years ago, we realized one of the keys to good films from our students were...

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A Silent Film in A Ghost Town

One of our first leaps into the Everyone Can Create curriculum (see more about why PLP is piloting this curriculum in our previous post), was with PLP 9. In PLP 9, our focus is on building on the skills from PLP 8 with the still image and bringing those images to life...

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“Everyone Can Create” in PLP!

One of the constant refrains in education today is that “Screen time is harmful to teenagers”. Despite scientific studies disputing this claim, many people believe it is fact. One explanation for this is the common misconception about the purposeful use of the...

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