How to Register 

PLP is an enhanced secondary program for students entering grades 8-12. PLP is located at Seycove Secondary School.

Students interested in PLP must request registration by completing the registration project and interview process. All components of the project must be submitted for your request for registration to be considered. 

PLP is a Project Based Learning environment. Students that thrive will be those that want to activate and develop their own agency as learners, enjoy working both independently and collaboratively, and be comfortable with their work being public and shared.

Please make note of these important dates:

January 26, 2023: Enhanced Programs and Academies Night at Sutherland Secondary School, 6:30 PM (PLP will be present)

February 2, 2023: PLP Registration Information Meeting at Seycove Secondary School, 7:00 PM

February 17, 2023: Seycove course selection forms and PLP Request for Registration deadline (registration projects due)

February 21-March 9, 2023: Individual interviews

PLP registration procedure for new students:

The registration project for students new to PLP (grades 8-12) is comprised of five parts. All components must be completed before your request for registration will be considered.

1. Registration Questionnaire

2. Video

3. Required Documents

4. Individual Interview

👉 Click here for detailed application instructions.