Beyond the Classroom

Students live in the real world. PLP learners learn there too.

Deeper connections are made when learning is experiential.

PLP offers unique opportunities to get outside the classroom through community-based projects and overnight field schools.  

Field schools are tightly integrated with student inquiry and learning objectives. Our goal is to provide a learning experiences that otherwise would not be available to the learner.

PLP’s unique timetable makes frequent day trips from the school possible. Interruptions and absences from other classes are limited.

By virtue of being out of the school setting, students on overnight field trips learn to be ambassadors for their school, their community and even their country. They learn the realities of travel, the responsibilities and independence of self-governance, the communication skills and leadership skills necessary for teamwork.

PLP field schools are different because they are:

Deeply integrated with learning objectives

Travel is designed to not only complement and extend classroom learning, but as an essential component of the inquiry process. 

Woven into instructional design

Travel opportunities are conceived at the same time curriculum learning goals are mapped out for the year ahead. 

Unique experiences and adult-world connections

PLP trips strive to offer one-of-a-kind access to locations and experts that wouldn’t otherwise be available to students travelling in other contexts.