The Puppet and The Puppeteer

The Puppet and The Puppeteer

The Puppet and The Puppeteer

By Jesse Bullen
Acrylic on wood panels and mixed media

The Puppet and the Puppeteer is a diptych painting that features one realism work and one abstract one. The top painting (realism) depicts a dark hooded finger whose hands have been sculpted to pop out of the panel. Attached to its hands are strings that run down to the second panel, connecting to the figure on the bottom.

This work represents that feeling that you are being held back. Specifically by yourself, or your more logical and cautious side. The side that is happy in the comfort zone. I wanted the top figure to be represented through realism because it was meant to represent the more rational side of yourself. Also the more overpowering side in this case. Hence the use of clear imaging. The bottom painting is meant to represent the adventurous side of yourself, that wants more from the world. The side that is being held back from becoming its true self. I used bright colours to show that this figure is more expressive and ‘fiery’. My choice to make this the abstract piece was because I wanted the figure to look semi-formed. Not quite complete or clear because it has not yet discovered its true self. The strings are the symbol of restriction. They are meant to appear like they are controlling, but also undoing the bottom figure.

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