Reflections of Deceit: Shakespeare’s Macbeth

“look like th’ innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t” – William Shakespeare
Good morning reader!
Macbeth is one of the many timeless works from Shakespeare. It remains relevant today due to its exploration of ambition, the corruptive forces of power, and the themes of appearance versus reality. Its story is a tragic one and serves as a warning to readers about the dangers of ambition, as well as how appearances can be deceiving, what would be my chosen theme. There are many lessons to be learned from this classic play, and readers can take from it a more modern perspective on how to live a more fulfilling life so let’s talk about what I learnt!
Macbeth marked the second project of my grade 11 year in which we would read, analyze and learn all about Macbeth. We spent weeks developing an understanding in both the language, themes and characters which would ultimately prove vital for the product we each planned on creating. Post-reading, our goal was to each choose a specific and scene and create a modern interpretation of this. It was very open ended task but with our theme-quote analyses(mini theme essays) under our belts, we were prepared to begin infusing Shakespeare, Avatar and it modern day relevance.
Our first task was to plan our setting and message. Here is one of my various planning worksheets focusing on language and ideas:
We then actually wrote out the script. Here is a link to my scrip and plot that was included in my play bill:
Finally we created a playbill to help assist the audience in understanding and appreciating our performances.
Here is a picture of my playbill page:
Exhibition Reflection:
There are many things I have learnt and plan to taken into consideration; most notably, the importance of digital communication. Although it mind sound trivial and something that one might think not much of, the fact that cell phones and services allow for instant communication is something that many take granted. Multiple of my theme groups members were absent during the days nearing the performance and the value of communication, especially towards the development of the playbill was vital. Our communication also needed to be clear and effective as text messages limited expression and communication speed.
Through studying Macbeth, I have learnt valuable lessons about ambition, guilt, and morality, and how these can be applied to our modern lives. Shakespeare’s masterpiece is a great reminder that although certain themes remain timeless, the consequences of our decisions are still as important as ever.
Thank you and good night!

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