The Anchor of Our Nation

Hello Mrs. Willemse reader! Welcome back to the second and final part of this ology of apology blog post duo as we have reached the end of the project. It has been quite a while since my last post (which you can find by clicking here) and a lot of things have happened since then […]

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The Legend of the Komagata Maru

Hey you…. yeah you! Have you heard the tale of the legendary ship: the Komagata Maru? … What?!? You barely know anything about it? Rumour has it that more than 100 years ago, a Japanese ship full of Sikh pioneers came to Vancouver to challenge laws set by the most powerful empire of the time. […]

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Think You Can Get Real?

How should we govern ourselves? A question that humans have asked ourselves since the beginning; yet throughout all the ages, there has never been a clear, unchanging answer. Throughout the most recent project, we learnt all about government and even put ourselves through the shoes of politicians all to figure out how should we govern […]

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Governments & Monarchs

Preface: Hello Mrs Willemse¬†World: Summer is already over and I finally finished CLE (Career Life Education) so now I am back with¬† a PLP blog post. We started a new project recently and today I will be covering the first milestone of it so let’s get right to it. Intro: This new project is called […]

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Volunteering: Being a citizen

Hello World: What does it mean to be a citizen? Well to just be a citizen, all you really need to be is a member of a society or nation. But how about a good citizen? Good citizens don’t necessarily need to be immaculate but just by paying their taxes and buying helps cycle the […]

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Worker’s Rights & Training

Hello World: This post today will cover two very serious topics about the work environment especially towards the youth. The workplace is a place most people have to attend almost every day but not everyone understands the severe outcomes that can occur in the this environment. Today we watched and learned about our safety, rights […]

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Hello World: To think in approximately 3 years I will be graduating. I will be essentially independent by then and I could be doing whatever I want but as much as I want to enjoy myself, everything has a price. It is believed that adults should be able to manage their finances and can budget […]

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Cover Letters

Hello World: Today in Carrier Life Education we began our topic on cover letters. Before we begin, let’s define a cover letter. A cover letter is a special letter part of the job application process written by the candidate to argue why they are most fit for the position. To better understand it, we were […]

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Post Secondary Finances

Hello World, This is another post from my new course Carrier Life Education today about “post-secondary finances.” The questions that needs to be answered are: “What is your plan for funding post-secondary school? Have you spoken to your parents about financial assistance for post-secondary? What sources of funding can you (describe all possibilities), and will […]

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