Songs of Hope


are the challenges we face in life…

the force that drives humans and the living to grow,

“fit” for the their environment.

~ A biological perspective on adversity ~

Continuing on my previous “stories of hope” blog, we finally completed this project.

Here is my final video:

I will look back in this project and remember 2 specific things, the personal benefits of listening to stories and the my deepened understanding of adversity.

I’m a selfish person. I don’t like giving up my time to others especially if I am doing something I am not passionate about or am unable to derive clear benefits from. I do not think humans innately want to listen to another’s issues or problems but sometimes, you might take something away from what you thought to be useless. This was a huge aha moment for me. This project did a deep dive into the mental forces like “hope” and “resilience” in adversity but to me,  discovering the “lessons” and “morals” we could learn from my thinking to answer the driving question was much more insightful to me.

Sometimes, I find it hard to listen to adversity, whether it be due to disinterest, fear or fatigue, approaching someone else’s problems as a opportunity to learn might be more effective to me. I can listen to and evaluate new creative solutions to a challenge I might not ever consider. Maybe I will find motivation to complete tasks from another’s sheer resilience. Or even just empathizing and appreciating my position in this world, I can learn so many things from another’s adversity.

The second thing I found very interesting was the concepts of “hope” and “resilience”. We (society) often uses these words as fluffy feel-good motivators but only now have I stopped to realize what they really are, especially from a biological perspective. Evolution has always makes me think of “what forces drives us humans to be so fit for this world?” but never have I considered these happy-motivator words to be some of these biological traits.

This has not been the first project discussing positive outlook and the benefits of appreciation and “happier” worldviews but this was the first time I bridged these ideas from a more biological stand point.

Finally, I wanted to change how approached my blogs. I have been using the same rinse and repeat style for the past 2 years and I am starting to realize the lack of personality and the inability to display my thinking (which I do a lot of) and opinions. To you the reader I ask, do you think this is a more effective method of communication?

And finally, thank you for reading as always.

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