It’s The End Of The Age As We Know It

Hi I am back with another blog post, this time it is about the Middle Ages and knights and kings ⚔️.

The Middle Ages was a time and age that stretch across Europe in the 12 century. It mainly was just Europe, the core was England. It was the time of knights and horse back riding. They farmed wheat and other crops. Are project was about what life was like and to compare it to now. Life was ruff in the dark age, people had to work hard and not get payed enough for their work. The only way people where able to escape being a peasant is to become a squire which is was very rare. That was only for men for women they either could get married and become a wife or work for the church. Back in the Middle Ages they focuses heavily on religion. They would use god to chose if people were guilty or innocent.  It was unfair and brutal but this is how things were back then. Every thing was run by the Feudal System it was a basic system and it went Like this, here is a photo of the pyramid of the Feudal System:


the is the pyramid of the Feudal System. It is king/queen on top. Then Lords and Vassals to the king,  then the knights and vassals to the lords. Finally its the peasants/ serfs they are the every day village people that couldn’t read or write. The pope was above the king, the leader of the church and the supposed representative of god. He would help the king make decisions and rules. Here is a photo of England’s Pope

This is Pope urban the second

The lords where the kings representatives in Different towns. They would run theses places for the king. They could use the title of Lord, Count or Duke. They would send letters to the king giving him updates about the towns they were running. If they were attacked they would send a desperate letter to the king for help.

The knights were the protectors of the kingdoms, they would travel to Jerusalem and fight in the holy war. The holy war was the knights purpose they were supposed to fight. Each knight had a squire which would hold their equipment. After that knights would just protect their kingdoms or be die form old age.

Anyway now I will talk about what we did for are project. We made a project and by we I mean me and my partner Quinn check out his blog btw. We had to present it in 4 minutes, it was about Continuity and change from the Middle Ages to now.

We were being marked on the competencies continuity and change and comprehend

comprehend, we had to research and comprehend what we were presenting. This meant know what each subject was, learn its history and what lead to its creation/ use. I was in charge of the Catapult and Siege Tower. This meant a lot of research about these old pieces of artillery. These pieces of revolutionary weaponry were built for a reason, the reason that the Siege Tower was built is for a heavy duty target for the enemy to shoot. While the foot troops walked up without challenge. They would then use Catapult to knock down the kingdom walls. Here is informational video I made about these pieces of artillery:


Obliviously lots has changed from the Middle Ages to now. We have cars, buses, trains, airplanes and amazing medical science. These are things they didn’t have but could have used back in the Middle Ages, they suffered from the Black Death. This is something that was rarely cured. It was spread by rats, this is a continuation, to today we have the corona virus and so far 2 people in canada have died and over thousand in china to. Even though the plague killed millions this shows that mass viruses still exist today. The change is building materials, they have changed a lot. Back then they use stone and wood, we use those same materials but we design are buildings differently now we have more modern building codes and design preferences. We use flat materials and smooth paint to colour and build, they use round stone and rough wood and sand made paint. This is a big difference in comparisons from what they did then to now.

My Conclusion

The Middle Ages were dark times, they slaughtered prisoners and wrong doers all for god. It was a very barbaric times, I learned a lot from this project, it has given me a view of old civilizations that I have never had before. It was cool reading about knights and kings but I would not like to live in that age anytime soon. I am fine where I am right now. I like knights and kings but after learning and reading about what they did I had different thoughts about them. They killed millions of muslim prisoners for what they called the holy war and land I don’t personally think it was worth it. They thought it was or else it wouldn’t have been recorded. Any way that is the blog thank you for reading till the end, I will have another blog post out by the time I am finished my next project. Bye for now 🖐🖐🖐 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

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