Being A Witness To History

Hello It has definitely been a while since my last maker blogpost. Lets start this on with a bang. So I am a 100% sure everyone reading this knows what the Corona Virus is. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Corona Virus is a deadly air spreading virus that basically is very dangerous. Many people in different country’s around the world have died or come down with the Corona Virus. So we have been stuck in our homes for two months. Lots of time on our hand, bored and have no jobs or school. This project ties into the pandemic so lets get into the meat of it.

So this project is called Witness To History as the title would suggest. So we were tasked with going out into parks and city’s and taking different photos at different angles. We took these basic photos and made a photo essay. I will show the end product at the end of this post.

Milestone one

was a interview a community member. I chose my cousin Max Gagan, he is one of my oldest cousins. He has been the only one of them that has been talking with me about this pandemic. He is the most mature which is why I chose him. He gave good answers and had a steady pace through the interview.

This is Max he is 15 this is a photo he provided willingly. I also had a theme for my essay it was “family apart because of the virus”. This is the main reason I chose him.

The other important milestone is the story board. That we did before making the photo essay. We had to draw out the photos before taking them. This help us picture what we wanted the photos to look like. Then we went to the places we drew and took the photos and added filters.

The driving question was “how can we, photojournalists tell a story during this time of physical distancing”. We can tell a story through pictures and videos but in this case just pictures. We can Arrange photos and titles to show a pattern and theme. This is how we can tell a story



So this project was nice and pretty fun to do. It is kind of sad that it is over but that is how thing change one thing starts another finishes. I believe I did a good job on this project and hope I get to take photos again for another project in the future. That’s all from me I will see all you readers on the next post, bye.

And as promised my essay

The Adventures Of Comic Books

Hi there, I have risen from the dead to write again, just kidding!  You are probably thinking,  not another blog post but yes, another blog post. Over the past two months we have been plagued with a virus that I am sure everyone knows about, The Corona Virus or Covid-19🦠 if you prefer. It is the same virus and that is what inspired my teachers, Mrs Maxwell and Mr Gross to assign us this joint project called “Argh Matey” So lets get into the meat of this project, strap yourself in this is going to be an info. filled post.

So in April my two teachers who’s names are above, started a project called “Argh Matey” They were inspired to do so by the Corona Virus. This project consisted of history and cell science but I will discuss that later. So by now I think you all know what I am referring to when I say “Milestone” or a basic building block of knowledge for our projects.This is what I will show you so that you can see what we have been doing over that past two months. Oh, I forgot to mention what the end product is well that will have to be a surprise for the end. We also had a big idea and a mind map at the beginning here that are

Big Idea: life is processed at a cellular level

driving question: what is the significance of global expansionism, how do cells and diseases interact

the Mind Map for scimatics:


Osmosis Jones, Osmosis Jones is a movie from 2001, it tells the story of a body cop who used to be famous and well known. After a few slip ups he is forced to guard the most boring part of the body, the mouth. In doing so he gets carried away and ends up chasing bacteria from the mouth down through the body causing a power shortage. That releases a virus that almost destroys the body. So this was an example of what they wanted our project to look like. I cant wait, I made a comic book, yes, a comic book, I drew all of my comic books drawings and I am very proud of them. So we had to do X-ray panels in our comic book showing the inside of our explorers body.


So for mile stone two all we really had to do was read comic books, it was as simple as that. Then we had to mark down things like the style of the comic book, the art, the colours. This was easy and started us on the path towards creating our comic books.We had to read at least 3 or more if you wanted. My dad had a collection that he let me read so I was able to find quite a lot of ideas for mine. I really liked Black Panther. I really liked the art and drawings in the comics And it inspired me to get started.



Khan academy is a great platform but it is a bit difficult to use. We learned all about the cells that make up the body by watching videos and taking notes. We learned what the difference between animal cells and plant cells are, and that cells have a nucleus. We also learned all the different parts of a cell and their names.


There was also the competencies for this project:

The first competency is Establishing Historical Significance for Humanities. Basically this meant that we had to do a heck of a lot of research about are explorer. My explorer was Sir Martin Frobisher he was a British explorer around the 1500s. He found the Northern Passage and found the land that we now know as Labrador. I believe I accomplished this competency with my comic book. I have several references to Frobisher’s accomplishments. I believe the important parts about Frobisher are his journey and his back story. Those are the reasons he is well know for his adventure, he found Labrador and the northern passage.

The second competency for scimatics is communicating I completed this competency by talking with my teachers a lot through iMessages. To get my project as good as it could possibly be. So we used communication to talk about the project, we also used scientific language in our comics like, nucleus, virus, mitochondria.

The final competency is connecting this meant that we had to look at all the research and connect it to are thinking. I thought that Frobisher’s origin was pretty deep, he was poor, lonely and was thrown in prison. Even though it was his fault for stealing. Anyway after that he is freed by the queen. This is something that I can connect


here is the comic book I made I mentioned it earlier download it and have a read for yourself.

The Story Of Frobisher Epub

The comic is right there ———>


so in the end I really had fun make this comic and hope I can do more assignments/ projects like this. Yes, the Corona Virus made things difficult but it all worked out I can still learn even from home. I absorbed this information through Kahn academy for scimatics. For humanities we used google which you probably already know of. We used google to fin the history in the explorer we chose  Anyway so this has been fun but I have another blog post to write, bye.

What A Time To Be Alive DI Online

Hello 👋🏻, I am writing another post and it has the same topic as the last post I wrote. It is about Destination Imagination the wonderful learning experience. It is great 👍and this time thanks to Covid-19, we had to do it online. It was a bit hard to adjust to at first but it was worth it for the fun. I had the same group of people I had last time and we work well together, Logan, Erin, Dries and Sophia. This time we had to use an app called Zoom to present are challenge. It is like FaceTime but for work meetings, you can set up meetings and codes to send to anyone you want to have join. This is what we used to present our challenge.



I am getting off track, this time our presentation went really well. We had three appraising teachers and one special student appraiser. This is what helped our group do much better the second time around. Over all I enjoyed doing it online because we had virtual backgrounds. A setting that would change the world behind you to a photo that every one in the Zoom chat can see. This is how we had our back drop on every buddy’s background. We had the same story but with a few changed elements. The biggest change is our unseen character we changed  to a Russian Astronaut instead of the Alien astronaut. We have an astronaut that wants to be first to the moon and will kill to get what he wants. The other big change was we no longer have a rover, instead we have a letter from HQ. This is a bit random but I am going to show a photo from our presentation to demonstrate what it looked like.


This is the photo, we have three teachers as I said before in this post. The special guest is Zoe Wooles she is a student from Switzerland 🇨🇭. She is very sweet and kind. She is in the photo above, in the right, middle camera 🎥. She was amazing to have in the Zoom meeting and really helpful for information. I hope she will be involved in the following year DI preparation for next year. I should probably say more about Zoom the awesome app we used. Zoom has a setting called active speaker. It lets you see and only see the main speaker. We used this feature to make our presentation a lot better. I had to use a room in my house I didn’t like, the trash room. It is a room full of our family’s stuff we don’t use. I had to use it to get away from my mum and little brother. I am not saying their names for privacy reasons. Anyway yeah it is a small cramped room that I had to use. I was the Russian Astronaut 👨‍🚀 all I wore was a blue hoodie and black skiing helmet. 

This was all I had to write about so this is the end of this post, I will see all you people in the next post. Bye!!!!!!!!! 👋🏻

The Wonders Of The destination Of Imagination

So I am back, it has been a while. This time I am writing about Destination Imagination. This is my first time doing destination imagination. So lets just jump right into this post.

So destination imagination is basically a tournament for smart students, no just kidding its a little tournament to get kids imaginations flowing. You can be any age to enter as long as you can do every thing required. You have to have a team, for me I had a team of five. This team consisted of Logan, Dries, Erin, Sophia. we worked pretty well together but we are not even done yet, we have the provincial tournament on April 4th and Carson Graham Secondary. Anyway we had a long process, this process consisted of lots of planning prepping and work sheets. before we could even start to build are solution, in DI you get a challenge in which you have to solve by creating a solution with your team. Are challenge was picture this, btw click this link to check out all of the challenges. We also had to sign an interference form so that are parents or friends could not help or interfere. Th


This was an amazing opportunity but with this opportunity comes work. We were being marked on the competency of Research and Understand. When starting this project, we had to research about are challenge. We read lots of rules about the tournament. For example we had to ware shoes it was weird. From all that work comes triumph, we did well on are challenge. Now we are starting the same cycle, we are building onto are challenge to make it better. This is the video of are presentation:

this video was filmed by one of my class mates Annie. She filmed this for my group so credit to her. If you could not tell, I was the alien the creature with a mask and long claws. It was not hard to do but the noises I made are inspired by the movie and character the predator, it was a film from 1987. The mask was also some what inspired by the character.

We are working on upgrades for are presentation we are building an actual rocket prop to hide behind. It is made out of card board and will have a window. It will be one of are team choice elements, that means its an accessory that the team decides to make we have to make two the other one is a space rover. we also had two astronaut helmets.

That is the main astronauts helmet, we also had an alien but that is being changed. We now only have astronauts and launch control. Two American astronauts and one Russian astronaut. I play the Russian astronaut and logan and dries play the other two. This is a better version and a more realistic version.

Any way that is all for now, I will surly be back writing soon. I still have to write one more post before I am done for spring break. That is all for today see you next time bye. 👋 👋 👋

Back To The Renaissance

Well I said I would be writing another one. Hello readers, today I will be talking about the renaissance. So lets get right into the history.

So the renaissance started in the 1300’s. It was a time were humans started to believe in science more then God They started to paint and build, this is were the great artists started. Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo are to artists that started this great era of art. Michelangelo painted the inside of the roof on the Sistine chapel. Leonardo De Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, a beautiful piece painted in a way so that the eyes follow you when you walk past, or from side to side. Other artists of this time like Raphael also used the same style. Every painting in this time shows humans as big and unopposed species. This is the theory of humanism, a belief that humans are superior to every thing else. In the Middle Ages they always would paint God or Angels bigger then humans. With ideas Of humanism God is no longer believed as a being spirit in all of us. Anyway with this new way of thinking came the dissecting of human body’s to find out what is inside the human body. This is what pushed the scientific revolution, this revolution is what gave birth to scientific method. It is a list of procedures that allow science to be what it is today.


The competency’s for this renaissance project: Create and Cause and Consequence

in this project we made a song that ties in to the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the renaissance. It uses the song “it the end of the world as we know it” a song by R.E.M. its an old rock song. Anyway we had to make and create a parody of this song. It was pretty easy, I enjoyed the project mostly because I like to listen to music. Sorry I am getting distracted, we Made it from scratch, we started by modifying the lyric then we sang those lyrics in garage band. We put the music file in the background and bam it was finished we made a group version as well but that one was not as good as my first.

 Anyway lets move on, the renaissance was an awesome time full of creativity and belief we got lots of amazing pieces of art from it like I mentioned before. I still have one thing I need to say before this paragraph ends. It is that the rich men of this time could use the art and artists to gain power. This one thing we had to research the Cause and Consequences of the renaissance. The cause, Middle Ages people and priest start to question the churches. This is when Martin Luther  became a big part of this history. The church started handing out these pardons called indulgences.   A pardon from purgatory, a place between heaven and hell. Martin Luther decided he would read the bible and found out that this was not the case, by the way no one could read at this time other then scollers, priest, nuns and rich men. Anyway he nailed his 95 thesis on the local church door. This caught a lot of attention from the pope, who pulled him in front of the emperor. Martin Luther was German, this all took place in Germany. That is one of the main causes of the renaissance, now for the consequence. Corrupt leaders, yes they had corruption in the Renaissance, rich men would commission artists to paint famous pieces of art. Like the Medici’s, here is the article I read about. It was very surprising when I first read this, I did some research and found out how many corrupt leaders we have had. Spoiler alert 🚨 a lot the article I read from had eight. That’s a lot of corruption the one that stood out the most was Ferdinand Marcos, he was the president of the Philippines. He took tax money from the huge businesses and used it for him self. That is not right any way those are the competency’s

So that is the renaissance covered, lets talk about the rest and smaller parts of the project. We have had a lot of milestones the biggest one was the time we had to hand in are song. I will admit I did it in one day. I think I did it quite well, any way that is going to all from me today, I will be surly writing soon until then this has been it bye.

The Ultimate Skis

Hello I am back, this post will revolve around math.

This is fun math, this involves 3D shapes lots of them. We started by learning about the prisms known as triangular and rectangular prisms. These were the main shapes I used to make my part of the project the bindings. These are the things that you clip your boots into when you ware skis. My partner Raymond designed the skis that the bindings go on. Those were more complicated but Raymond managed to make a nice looking pair of skis. After we made the design we had to 3D print them. After that we calculate the measurements and found the volume and surface area. Then we had to find the surface are to volume ratio. We made a key note to present to are class and to show are teacher Mr Gross are work.

These are the two models and the characteristics.

We are being marked on the competency of Communicating and Representing 

this means we had to show are communication to are teacher. Represent means to represent are work which I think we did really well. Over all I would give are work about a 7/10. We did well but I did some things wrong. Anyway I communicated with Raymond a bit to much, that is how we made such compatible models. We made these separately so we could split up the work. We calculated each separately to make it a bit easier. I will admit that I got the easy shapes, Raymonds ones were hard but he did it very well.


Okay lets talk more about the project. Are skis were powder skis the best ones designed, me and Raymond are both huge skiers we ski together all the time. We both wanted skis that glide over the powder so we came up these super wide and flexible skis. The definition of powder skis are wide flexible skis. They are built that way to absorb rough landings and so they bend when you get caught in powder. I want a pair, the only person I know that has a pair is mine and Raymond’s friend julien who is a pro at skiing btw. His are made by a skiing company named blizzard anyway my point is we had an example to build off of. The bindings aren’t different then any other binding you would find on other skis. The skis are twin tip which help you glide on top of the snow. Enough about skis lets get to the numbers.



these are the calculations of the skis they may be a bit blurry. Are V to SA ratio which means volume to surface area, is 3.56:1. The bindings are 2.28:1 so we completed are goal, we wanted more surface area then volume. The skis have more surface area then volume.


we have more competency’s Applying and Innovating, reasoning and analyzing 

we applied a lot of innovation to are world of skis with this project. Not only did we make are own skis but we made skis that would better are performance, I am happy with are results and I think Raymond is as well. We analyzed a lot we analyzed skis, skis and more skis. Trying to find the perfect inspiration for are pair of skis. We also had a big idea, this idea in-tailed the relationship between surface area and volume. His was found in the ratio, every object has some volume and some surface area. The difference is the object will most likely have more of one then the other. I am getting distracted more about the curricular competency’s. We reasoned with loads of numbers we had to divide, subtract, add and multiply. We also had to find lots of formulas like Bxh, LxWxH r2. Those are some of the formulas we used. For apply we applied those formulas to are model to find these math problems and to solve them as well.

This was the project I have been doing for the past four weeks. I have nothing more to say about this project. I am happy with what we made and liked doing this project. Until I write again which will probably be in like twenty four hours. I have to say good bye 👋 👋 👋 👋


It’s The End Of The Age As We Know It

Hi I am back with another blog post, this time it is about the Middle Ages and knights and kings ⚔️.

The Middle Ages was a time and age that stretch across Europe in the 12 century. It mainly was just Europe, the core was England. It was the time of knights and horse back riding. They farmed wheat and other crops. Are project was about what life was like and to compare it to now. Life was ruff in the dark age, people had to work hard and not get payed enough for their work. The only way people where able to escape being a peasant is to become a squire which is was very rare. That was only for men for women they either could get married and become a wife or work for the church. Back in the Middle Ages they focuses heavily on religion. They would use god to chose if people were guilty or innocent.  It was unfair and brutal but this is how things were back then. Every thing was run by the Feudal System it was a basic system and it went Like this, here is a photo of the pyramid of the Feudal System:


the is the pyramid of the Feudal System. It is king/queen on top. Then Lords and Vassals to the king,  then the knights and vassals to the lords. Finally its the peasants/ serfs they are the every day village people that couldn’t read or write. The pope was above the king, the leader of the church and the supposed representative of god. He would help the king make decisions and rules. Here is a photo of England’s Pope

This is Pope urban the second

The lords where the kings representatives in Different towns. They would run theses places for the king. They could use the title of Lord, Count or Duke. They would send letters to the king giving him updates about the towns they were running. If they were attacked they would send a desperate letter to the king for help.

The knights were the protectors of the kingdoms, they would travel to Jerusalem and fight in the holy war. The holy war was the knights purpose they were supposed to fight. Each knight had a squire which would hold their equipment. After that knights would just protect their kingdoms or be die form old age.

Anyway now I will talk about what we did for are project. We made a project and by we I mean me and my partner Quinn check out his blog btw. We had to present it in 4 minutes, it was about Continuity and change from the Middle Ages to now.

We were being marked on the competencies continuity and change and comprehend

comprehend, we had to research and comprehend what we were presenting. This meant know what each subject was, learn its history and what lead to its creation/ use. I was in charge of the Catapult and Siege Tower. This meant a lot of research about these old pieces of artillery. These pieces of revolutionary weaponry were built for a reason, the reason that the Siege Tower was built is for a heavy duty target for the enemy to shoot. While the foot troops walked up without challenge. They would then use Catapult to knock down the kingdom walls. Here is informational video I made about these pieces of artillery:


Obliviously lots has changed from the Middle Ages to now. We have cars, buses, trains, airplanes and amazing medical science. These are things they didn’t have but could have used back in the Middle Ages, they suffered from the Black Death. This is something that was rarely cured. It was spread by rats, this is a continuation, to today we have the corona virus and so far 2 people in canada have died and over thousand in china to. Even though the plague killed millions this shows that mass viruses still exist today. The change is building materials, they have changed a lot. Back then they use stone and wood, we use those same materials but we design are buildings differently now we have more modern building codes and design preferences. We use flat materials and smooth paint to colour and build, they use round stone and rough wood and sand made paint. This is a big difference in comparisons from what they did then to now.

My Conclusion

The Middle Ages were dark times, they slaughtered prisoners and wrong doers all for god. It was a very barbaric times, I learned a lot from this project, it has given me a view of old civilizations that I have never had before. It was cool reading about knights and kings but I would not like to live in that age anytime soon. I am fine where I am right now. I like knights and kings but after learning and reading about what they did I had different thoughts about them. They killed millions of muslim prisoners for what they called the holy war and land I don’t personally think it was worth it. They thought it was or else it wouldn’t have been recorded. Any way that is the blog thank you for reading till the end, I will have another blog post out by the time I am finished my next project. Bye for now 🖐🖐🖐 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

The Wonders Of Chemistry Coding

This project is all about chemistry and coding And science btw check out my matter simulator on scratch.


Hi I am back with another blog post. This time it is about Chemistry 🧪 and coding. I throughly enjoyed make my project, which was a Matter Simulator. This was an interactive piece of technology that was made using a program called scratch. It was not hard but I am proud of what I made. It can change looks, bounce around atoms and explode when the pressure gets to high. It took a lot of time to make. I used the J.J Thompson model for my atoms. If you didn’t know J.J Thompson was a scientist, That revised the atom model and made a new version. It looked like the top of a blue berry muffin or plum pudding. He revised the atom model because he thought the way that John dalton, the scientist who had experimented with it originally missed some things. There for it is known as the blueberry muffin model or plum pudding model. We also had some competencies and a driving question which I will mention now.


the first competency is Communicating:

we had to communicate with are teacher and pears about what we were Making. I asked my friend a lot about advice. I didn’t make a flawless simulator it has some bugs but I am happy with how it turned out. Communication wasn’t the most important competence but was needed none the less.


the second one is Evaluating:

We had to evaluate are own work and build on it. After doing something we had to ask are selves if we wanted to add more to that segment of the code. I did this multiple times when making something in my coding. I looked over what I had coded and fixed glitches. We also had to complete a test at the end of the project it was evaluating are knowledge I this subject.


The third one is Questioning and Predicting:

I questioned things a lot while planning and making this project. I also made a mind node about planning for this project. It contains questions about the project and other things. This is required almost every time we make and create a product and project.

The driving question was “how is the motion if atom and molecules related to temperature”:

Atoms move faster when the temperature and environment get hotter. They slow down when the temperature and environment gets colder. The motion is related to temperature because the heat adds kinetic energy, as proven by the kinetic molecular theory.

This is the Mind Node:

We made this mind node at the beginning of this project. It is not super detailed but it explains what I was going to research and make for my project. It has different segment for different parts of the project. This is all done on an easy to use app called mind node.

My journey to the Mpol


This post is going to be about reflection.

We have a presentation coming up called an MPol. An Mpol is a “Midway Presentation Of Learning”. We have to think of a question and answer it with examples.

The My question is, “Improving my writing and spelling by the end of the year!”

I have a habit of making small spelling and grammar mistakes, I know this because my mom always reads my post and tells me that I need to fix these errors. So I do and when I do I slowly see where I make these mistakes. When I see where these mistakes are made, I take notice and that is helping me learn. This does not mean that when you read my posts, it will be mistake free but I try my hardest to stop making these mistakes and to proof read my posts before publishing them. If you read my old posts you will see my grammar mistakes and there are a lot of them. As I have continued to write these posts, I have become better at my writing and I don’t make as many mistakes anymore.

Quick mention to Felix L go check out his amazing blog.


My answer to “Improving my writing and spelling by the end of the year”

I believe if I continue to write these posts and in class paragraphs then I will learn to improve my writing.   I have been improving as I write a lot each post. Every time I write I get just that much better at it. In humanities I  had to write about meaning of the media and how it can affect your life and control it. I didn’t do so well on that post but I improved on the maker post about Star Wars, check out the link.

My next goal is “Being less shy in groups”

without question I am very shy 🤐. I have never been super confident. I have no examples of me being confident and brave when in a group presentation or group. I have been shy my whole life I was born a sensitive boy. I have never been able to make lots of friends. I am willing to not let anxiety get me down. I have been learning from my mom how to manage social anxiety.

My answer to “Being less shy in groups”

As I learn how to be more confident, I need to very brave when I present projects. I have gotten a lot better my example of this is the Winter Exhibition. I was able to keep myself together as people were coming and looking at my project. This helped me grow and practice managing my fear 😥.

My last question is to “manage my time better”

I am not good at doing my work right when It is assigned, I procrastinate a lot with school work and I am looking to change this habit. I have lots of examples from this post alone. I kept taking long brakes between questions. I have done this with reading books, writing and art. I need to stop doing this every time I am assigned work.

My answer to,  “manage my time better”

I need to work and keep it up until I finish the assignment. I could listen to music when I work to help keep me in the chair and typing but I think it would distract me so I won’t do that. My mum has told me it is not easy to listen to music and concentrate on thinking at the same time. I could boil some water and make a cup of tea to help me keep focused 😶.  I am not good at concentrating on one thing, my brain jumps to one thought after another. I am not good at subjects that require focus like math.

The Force Is Strong On Tatooine

The force flows through the Star Wars universe, we had to build a product and make a project around the world of Star Wars. I chose to make a bunch of impractical Star Wars ships, to display at the Winter Exhibition.

We followed the LAUNCH cycle a list of steps to help you make a project or a product. We documented all of are work in a journal, in an app called explain everything. Here’s is the video.


The project is just building models out of card board but that launch process is a very great way to learn. It is a step by step list to put your idea into motion, here Check out the video about the LAUNCH cycle. John Spencer is the man who designed this brilliant cycle. He created it because he thought the way people were teaching student was not effective and he made a better way. I personally find the LAUNCH process very great. I like how it lets you make your own idea 💡 and it lets you do it yourself with guidances. The launch cycle is great for student who want to grab their learning by the horns. Taking in all the world has to offer and embracing their future.

My project was all about impractical ships as I said before. The models that a made were made out of cardboard now I’m going to talk about the exhibition. The exhibition was small but very full of views. Me and my class mates Logan, Nate, Julien, Owen and Noah go check out their blogs btw. We made a replica of Tatooine the planet from Star Wars. I thought it was great that we put it together is such little time. Here are the photos of my project.

We had to dress up as an iconic character from Star Wars. I dressed up as young Obi Wan Kenobi he is a Jedi master in the universe of Star Wars and a very cool and relatable character. His own Padewan turned on him and tried to kill him, Obi Wan Kenobi was forced to fight his Padewan Anakin Skywalker. If you cant tell I am a bit of a Star Wars nurd.


Here is the time lapse of me building my models.

This ship that I’m building is called a B-Wing. It is an off balance star-fighter. It is mostly used to fight other small ships in space but when it enters a planets atmosphere it should fall over and out of the sky. I also made a walker and a bomber ship but I do not have videos of those ones being built. .

This is all for my blog stay tuned for another blog post.