Why do people want to watch horror movies?

Why do people want and like to watch horror movies is the question I will be trying to answer in this blog post. Fear is not for everyone but for the people it is, why do they always come back again and again and again to be scarred every time? Part of the answer I think is stimulation horror gets your heart racing and you sweating and people like that. In my opinion it’s the same as a roller coaster that adrenaline gets people coming back for more.

The second reason I believe is people want to experience what horror feels like but also feel like what being in that situation would be like because not a lot of people just watch or try to have a serial killer trying to kill them. I think another reason why people want to experience horror like that is to also experience it with there friends or their peers. That can mean just having a good time being scared same reason people go in Haunted houses ya it’s scary but it’s also a good time, you may be scared in the moment but looking back most people can say they had a good time. Same thing watching a horror movie it’s scary but that adrenaline rush people love they love living on there adrenaline rushes and that is what gives them excitement.

But more importantly I think a really good reason people want to watch horror is to really see the dark side of what the human can do but also what the evil can do. We see movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th do so well is because you get to see the dark side of the human and just so many dark things in general there can be a lot of wonder because people wonder things what would that feel like if I was getting hunted by a killer well going to see a movie like that humans get that feeling by watching that movie. For example when I watched smile it felt like I was going to get the curse and see what the characters saw and that created fear not only the jump scares but also the fear of that horror happening to me.

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