The one about week four.

Hey everyone, it’s already the fourth week of our project “The Greatest Canadian”. This week we focused on finishing our podcast episodes. Throughout the week we listened to a few podcasts to get a sense of what is included in a great podcast. One of the podcast episodes we listened to was an episode of “History of the 90s” which featured the history of the sitcom “Friends”.

Listening to the podcast gave me a lot of great ideas and helped me understand how I could use ambient sounds, “acts” and music to create my podcast episode. Besides learning some cool tips, I also learned quite a lot about “Friends”.

Before listening to the podcast episode I already knew quite a bit about the show. A few of my friends really love it and I’ve watched a few seasons myself. What I never really noticed about friends was the lack of diversity, which was pointed out in the episode.

This got me wondering was this a very common trend in 90s sitcoms and is it still in the film industry today?

To answer my questions I began researching, Beginning with the point of view of those involved in the making of friends.

I found out that one of the Co Creators Marta Kaufman had commented saying that she really regretted the lack of diversity in the cast.

David Schwimmer who plays Ross, also spoke out saying that he suggested numerous times that his character date women of different races, to bring more representation to the show.

Actress Lisa Kudrow who played Phoebe stated “that if friends aired today it would definitely be more diverse with not just Caucasian actors with the main roles.”

After reading about what those involved in friends thought I turned my focus to the audiences opinion….


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