Fun with Photos

Hello for this post I’m going to show you a drawing I did and how it connects to my worldview.

I drew some DC superhero’s. This connects to my worldview because ive always loved superhero’s and I like to connect to them. They make me feel stronger and motivate me to do things because of what they stand for and what they do. Superhero’s as been a big part of my life by, drawing them, watching all the movies and some of the tv series, reading the comics and  researching. They have definitely influenced me and made me a better person.

I drew this picture using an app called Procreate. It’s a drawing app that I find super useful and is really fun to use. It’s not free though so if you want it your going to have to pay around 13-14 dollars.

This is an original drawing but I did get some inspiration from the Avengers Endgame move poster

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