Random Emoji Generator Story: GOGOGoat

2019 January 5  

🐐 Once upon a time there was a goat. This was not any normal goat. This was internet superstar GOGOGoat! GOGOGoat had a net worth of 300 billion and owned everything in the world. Like he literally owns everything. Like he can just pull up to your house and say “BAAAAAAAAH” and boom. Your house is his. You can still live in the house its just that he owns it. 

🎥 Every day GOGOGoat would film a video for his YouTube channel. He usually films the same kind of videos. The videos he films are he travels around the world to random superstores and transforms those superstores into go kart race tracks with dubstep music playing all the time. If you wanted to buy something you had to race for it and grab the food as you drove by the shelf in your go kart. 

😼But one day when GOGOGoat was making his newest superstore go kart track a cat walked in.   “BAAAAAAAAAH! You can’t be in here yet the race is not ready yet!” The cat then said “I’m not here to race GOGOGoat… I am here to take your money!!” Luckily GOGOGoat was a master at all martial arts and started to attack the cat to save his money. “HAHAHAHA silly goat! I know all your moves… BECAUSE I TRAINED WITH YOU! Once you became rich and famous you left me behind! NOW ITS TIME FOR YOU TO PAY!” GOGOGoat and the cat and a very epic battle. 5 hours later they decided to take a Mac and cheese break. 

😘 Because of that the cat fell in love with GOGOGoat. “Hey GOGOGoat… I LOVE you!” Said the cat. The goat didnt know what to say. “I- I dont know how to react to that” said GOGOGoat. “Come on you know we are meant to be. It is destiny that we be a POWER couple. I love you GOGOGoat… I really do.” Said the cat.  “ you know what. Maybe your right cat. We are destined to be together. I LOVE YOU TOO CAT!!!” They both went in to hug. 

🚠 As they embraced in a hug GOGOGoat heard the cat start to snicker. “What is it?” Said GOGOGoat. “You see its funny… I can’t believe you actually thought I loved you!!!” Said the cat. “Huh?” Said the goat. “Yeah you just got totally wrecked you nerd. Like full on 360 no scoped. Like completely destroyed. Like-“ “YEA OK I GET IT!” Yelled the goat. The cat then proceeded to handcuff the goat and take him to his EVIL GAUNDALA OF DOOM! 

April 15 2030…

“It’s been about 11 years since I have been takin captive by the cat. He’s been having me build a rocket for him to free all of the cats from the cat shelter so he can take over the world. Over the years I’ve been surviving off of milk and crackers. I dont know how much longer I can keep this up. Someone please help…” said the goat. “HEY!” SHUT UP IN THERE!” Yelled the cat. 

👮🏽‍♂️  Meanwhile at the police station… “Hey! Officer Linkle! How’s the missing GOGOgoat case going?”said the captain. “Why are we still working this? There’s no way he’s still alive.” Said Officer Linkle. “Just shut up and solve it.” “Ok Ok” Officer Linkle went to go look out the window and he was shocked at what he saw. A MASSIVE gondola with writing one the side reading “Gondola of Doom” “ I think that’s where GOGOgoat is… but I’m not sure…ill go check anyway.” Said the officer. But first I want some sushi. 

🍙 The officer got some sushi then headed up to the gondola. When he got to the top he saw GOGOGoat tied up working on a rocket. “OMG! ITS GOGOGOAT!!!!” Said the officer. “Don’t Worry GOGOGoat! Ill save you!” “Oh will you?” Said the cat. “Yes I will.” The officer and the cat then got into an epic brawl but the cat was sweeping the floor with him. “Quick, get the sushi he’s deadly allergic to sushi!” Said the goat.  “Ok.” The officer then proceeded to pick up the sushi and fling it at the cat. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! IM MELTING!!” Screamed the cat. The cat then melted to floor. “YIPPY KI YAY!” Yelled the goat WOOHOO” yelled the officers. Because of that the goat and officer became best friends. 

😛 From that day on the goat and officer did very silly activities together. They did everything you could imagine. They grew old together and retold their story. The officer got the “Saving a Goat” badge and GOGOGoat was still super rich. They lived happily ever after in a wood cottage deep in the woods. 

The End. 

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  1. Brilliant story Landon. I burst out into laughter several times. My favourite part was when the cat melted. Splendid!

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