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What the actual flip dip drop top shordy wanna switch jobs is up everyone and welcome back to another flippin blog post. We just finished another segment (basically a project) in PGP, which is just careers, and it was all about marketing you! (Me)

Like probably every other carees class ever this project was about making money, how to use it, the job process and learning how to market yourself to future employers. Even though it is technically the end of a project because I’m writing a blog post the workload really wasn’t all too much compared to other projects so it was a nice little break.

The very first thing we got assigned was a mind map. Bringing back from those grade 8 and 9 days. Anyways we had to make a mindmap to plan out a realistic job and an unrealistic job. I found this part particularly difficult because I honestly have absolutely no clue on what I want to do when I’m older so it took me a really long time to just think of 2 professions that interested me. Finally I gave up and just put the 2 professions that I think would be the most fun. I don’t even know if I want to do either of them but I had to finish the assignment so I just put them down.

Along with the mindmap process we also had to do a small amount of research and a few job quizzes to see if our quiz answers corresponded with our reality. We kept all of this info in our craft document right here —>.

The next part to this project was to make a resume. Thankfully I worked last summer so this wasn’t too hard to mostly a copy and paste. This project actually came at a pretty good time as I was needing to update my resume because I’m trying to get a job this summer so this was a perfect opportunity to update my resume for that. Of course, I updated the old info from grade 9 me which wasn’t too hard. Even though it’s a little late I still haven’t applied for a job yet so I’m really hoping that Canadian tire is still hiring as that would be the job I would most likely be inclined to this summer. Anyway here’s the resumes, we had to make 2 one with a photo and one without a photo and honestly I’m pretty proud of how they turned out.

Next we made business cards which was by far the easiest part of all of this. Honestly I find the use of business cards for EMPLOYEES is kind of useless yknow. Like i dont think anyone my age would walk into a store and hand them my card instead of a resume. Of course no disrespect to Mr. Harris but it dosnt seem too realistic. Anyway I still did it and tried to make it look the best it could. Along with this we also had to make cover letters which was pretty useful as well because I forgot about them completely. Turns out they can be very useful and are a very big help to get you into a job as long as they are professional, concise and Introductory. Anyway here’s the business cards, we had to make 2 of them as well and like the resumes, one had to have a photo and one didn’t.



Lastly and the most fun part, was to create a fake job interview. I did mine with Erik but he wasn’t here for the day of filming so we only managed to film his. The following day I got trusty allies Sepaus and Max Loui to help me film and I think it went very well. The first time we did it I was unaware that I was wearing shorts and a t shirt and I guess that wasn’t professional enough so we had to redo the whole thing, but honestly I think that was for the better because the second take was much better. It still lacked parts of professionalism (Like Max walking around the room filming) but I thought it turned out great. In preparedness to this video we had to think of 3 realistic questions you might get asked at a real job interview and the responses to them. This wasn’t too hard as I’ve done an actual job interview before so I knew what kind of questions we should include. Anyways here’s the amazing video we made.

I almost completely forgot about the driving question so I’ll just answer it here. The driving question for this segment thingy was “How can I effectively market myself to employers?” Now I’ve only been in 1 real job interview so I can’t speak from experience here, but during this project I definitely learned a lot on how to market myself for the future. A very big step we talked about a lot was professionalism. Without this no one will take you seriously and brush you off. Another big thing we talked about was just being yourself and showcasing your strengths and what you have to offer. All jobs want from kids our age is hard work, dedication and maturity and with that it’ll be a lot easier to score a job.

Overall this project was pretty good. I mean it did have its downs but it also had its ups and I feel like this topic is a really important topic, especially for people like me who have no idea on what they want to do. I felt this project really helped me get an understanding on how to properly apply and secure a job while also being able to make good spending and saving habits and a mature level. I would rate this project a high 7 out of 10 for fun and a solid 9 for usage and learning. That’s all for now.









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