What it do what it do and welcome back to the second and final PGP blog post! In this post we’ll be talking about 2 topics, the first being our second PGP project which was about finances, and our 2023 spring exhibition so without saying anymore let’s flipping get into this.

The first thing we did in this finance project was a thing called the “Uber Game.” The Uber Game is a short game were you play as an Uber driver and make choices to make enough money to pay your mortgage but it was actually like really really hard to do it correctly on your first try. I got it on my second time through but some of the choices you had to make in that game were tough not gonna lie. Now unfortunately I forget to take screenshots of my end screen where it shows how much you earned but I did do a reflection on the game if you want to see that


The next thing we did was begin to plan for our future and start tracking our expenses. We learned about variables and how to track our expenses from month to month using MyBlueprint or other banking apps. Within doing this brought me to the realization that I was burning through all my money in my card and not earring anything. Now I know I really gotta get a job. For the future part we just kinda talked about all the extra takes and expenses we have to consider when spending money like phone bills, subscriptions etc etc. Once we covered all the spending and earring taxes and all of that jazz we then actually started talking about financial literacy. Our teacher made us all take a quiz to see if we were financial literate and surprisingly it said i was on the right track. To help us grasp the idea of being financially literate we watched 2 pieces of media. A TEDx talk on the topic and social media and a movie by the name of “Moneyball.” We watch a lot of movies with Mr. Harris. This was my first time seeing Moneyball and honestly it was hella overrated. I mean it was a pretty good movie don’t get me wrong but some of the people in my class where hyping it up wayyyyyy to much. High 6 maybe low 7/10 in my eyes.

while we where learning about all this finance stuff and allat we had an underlying weekly reflection on a stock simulator tracking our high and lows and documenting what we noticed about the simulation and how we where doing overall. Yes this was boring but we actually had a pretty good motivation to keep going with it. That being that Mr. Harris was willing to give away a $25 gift card to the person who made the most and a bonus $10 to whoever the most ethical was. (Keeping up with well written reflections) At the start I low key thought I could win but by day 2 when everyone was sharing how much they where up they where already way higher then me with like plus $100 while I just broke $3. At that point I kinda gave up and started joking around with it because I knew there was no way of making a comeback. I blame Sepaus entirely for this because he wouldn’t share his stock secrets with me. He’ll regret that. I know where he lives and im not afraid to show up to his door unannounced. Anyways we did this for like 4 weeks but energy started burning low at week 4 with school almost being out and exhibition a week away the motivation just wasn’t there. I’m actually not sure who won the gift card but whoever did congrats. Unless it’s Sepaus. Plus by week 4 my stock simulation just broke and only showed 000.000 for all time line thing so I just stopped checking it. I did take some screenshots when it was working so I’ll show a few of those. Also here’s the link with all my stock reflections tied into one if you’re curious.

All Stock Reflections

Now for the exhibition. This was probably the most laid back exhibition I’ve ever been apart of and I’ll explain why in just a minute. Anyway what we were showing off for our exhibition was business cards. 2 of them actually. The first business card was our personal wines we made last PGP project. The other one was for our podcast series we were making in our maker class. That’s really all there was to it. We set up our main PLP room to look like an office space with different sections where you could find different podcast categories. We all dressed up in office attire and just waited for old people and parents to come over to your table and ask about your podcast. It was actually pretty fun because I just got to talk about Playboi Carti the whole time. Here’s some picture from the exhibition so you have an idea on what it looked like…



overall this finance project was pretty good and chill. It was nothing super intense and I actually learned some stuff I can use in the real world unlike algebra. I feel like this project definitely “woke me up” on getting my money priorities straight and become more self aware before spending and start thinking about getting a job. I learned a lot of useful information that I’ll for sure be using and applying to my everyday life more often. For the project rating I give it a 6.5/10 on fun and a high 8/10 for learning and usage. The exhibition was pretty fun and a good way to end things being my last exhibition ever. It was just a fun time yk. Anyways for the exhibition rating I give it a 8/10 for fun and like a 1/10 for learning because we just presented instead of learning. Anyways that’s all for this time and possibly for ever as this might be my last blogpost so if not cya next time or maybe just goodbye.






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