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It feels like it’s been a year since my last post… Anyways, a week of school has gone by so that means another blog post. It’s really crazy to think I’ve only been in school for one week since the break and that is because we’ve done so much work since. If you aren’t a follower of my podcast maybe go check it out as I’ve been working very hard and have just finished and posted my fourth episode with another coming next week.

Throughout that week we learned about quite a bit about Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. We also did so while asking ourselves if Shakespeare should still be talked about in schools or if he’s still relevant at all. At the start of the week I thought there’s no way he’s still relevant at all but later I found out that he invented about 1,700 words which surprised me as I later found that these words stuck with us and weren’t all just weird sounding words like the rest of his writing. Some of these words are, cold blooded, bandit, dawn, lonely, and swagger (definition: me😎 but the cool version not the actual definition). After hearing this fact I also heard that he invented the knock knock joke so by this point I’m almost convinced that he’s still relevant and if you’re not convinced yet why don’t I share some more interesting facts about Shakespeare.

Firstly, all 27 moons of the planet Uranus (don’t laugh) are all named after Shakespeare’s characters in different plays. So I guess that means Shakespeare is out if this world. In the most literal way possible. After hearing that you probably think he was very famous as the time but not particularly. Shakespeare was actually disliked by many as he only made it to grade 9 so he wasn’t seen as a very smart individual.

We also don’t even know what he actually looked like. In 1623, Martin Droeshout made an engraving of him but it isn’t completely accurate as it was made after he passed away in 1616.

Hopefully after hearing these facts you now know how interesting and influential Shakespeare actually is. Throughout this post I’ve used many words that he invented which is really cool to think about because a week ago I had no clue as to how much of an impact Shakespeare made in evolving the English language.

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    I love that you show your own voice in the writing here! I agree about the language and Shakespeare – it really makes you appreciate more how much impact he had!


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