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Macbeth is like Anakin, if you think hard enough. Many movies and books take after storylines that Macbeth has pioneered. One of the best examples of this in pop culture today is, The Revenge Of The Sith. We get introduced to our protagonist at the beginning of both stories and see how the character is influenced by the people around them. Macbeth meets The Three Witches and they tell him he could be the king. Blinded by the potential power he could have, Anakin is brought to a new fate just like Macbeth was. 

Understanding how the same plot can be adapted to a new story was very important to completing our film. We spent a lot of our time trying to fully understand Macbeth and how just one quote can make such an impact to the rest of the story. The quote I chose to analyze took place in what I think is the real climax of the story. It takes place just before the banquet Macbeth hosted which is when he realizes the mistakes he’s made. When all the bad he did finally caught up to him, I saw that as a great demonstration of what the theme of this play was. Finding a theme within the quote tied the character and plot together, which helped me realize how one word can completely change the meaning of text and how important writing style actually is to portray the feeling you want to give the reader. 

“…then prophet-like

They hailed him father to a line kings.

Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown

And put a barren sceptre in my gripe,

Thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand,

No son of mine succeeding.”


Driving Question: How Might We Craft A Compelling Vision Of “Macbeth” Set In The 1950’s?


This project might be one of the most challenging out of all the projects I will do in PLP so it was great to see how well everyone collaborated to pull this off. With everyone having their own set of skills, its often hard to get everyone working at what they’re best at. Throughout the filming process I noticed many people hadn’t been given the chance to express their creativity and have it shown in the film. 

I believe the reason this project is so difficult for previous PLP students to complete because of  their failure to communicate effectively which I noticed happened to us throughout. If we look closer at the driving question above, it clearly says ‘we’. Did a compelling vision of Macbeth be crafted? Without a doubt, but failing to include the entire class to contribute towards the film is a bad way to answer the driving question. Communication is something that I realized I needed to work on at the beginning of the year and this project would’ve been a great way to learn how to collaborate with others. Unfortunately, this project ended up being a scramble for time which isn’t the ideal making me feel as if the driving question was still left unanswered.

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