It’s that time of year again where MPOLs are being presented. The last time I did an MPOL was way back in grade 8 before the pandemic started. If you want to read about my previous MPOL you can go here. This MPOL is reflecting on my grade 10 year so far.

Something I have struggled with in the past is my grammar and spell checking. The project Ology of Apology helped me improve on those skills. Throughout this whole project, I made multiple blog posts about the places I visited and the things I learned about. Making blog posts during this project gave me the opportunity I needed to practice my writing and grammar skills. Improving on these skills will help me get better grades in the future.

I practiced my video skills with the project about Romeo and Juliet. In this project, my group and I had to create an adaptation of an important scene in act V of Romeo and Juliet. This may not be the best example of my work but I did learn a lot from making this video.

I think my best work so far this year came from the winter exhibition. In the exhibition, my group and I worked very well together to make a memorial that brings recognition to the Japanese internment that occurred during WWII.

Our memorial at the winter exhibition

One thing I think I need to work on is handing my work in on time and not procrastinating. I find that once I start working I generally get my work done, but where I struggle is sitting down and getting started on the work. A strategy that I could use to help me get my work done is to schedule a period of time in the day based on when my assignments are due. During this time I will only do homework. I think setting a time will teach my brain the difference between work time and relaxation time.

To conclude the first half of this year I think I have learned a lot and grown as a learner. Although there is always room to improve and grow. I am excited to see where the rest of this year takes me and what I will accomplish in the near future.