Let’s get Political

In recent years, the percentage of young people enacting on their right to vote has dropped reasonably sharply. Many of these people asked the question: Why should I vote? We were tasked with creating a 10 minute long presentation engaging enough to captivate the shortening attention span of this demographic, while also being informative enough… Continue Reading Let’s get Political

About Me

Hi, I’m Noah. Welcome, this is my blog. I’m currently enrolled in the PLP program, so most of my posts will be PLP related, typically about projects we do in the program. I love to ski, bike, and listen to music. Ski.mov My playlist I’m also passionate about editing, whether that means photoshop or editing… Continue Reading About Me

Incongruent Lies

You probably have no idea what lies and incongruencies are. Well, its the name of this project, and also happens to be somewhat the opposite of truth and reconciliation. You probably know what truth and reconciliation is, so now you probably know what this project is about. For those of you still lost, this project… Continue Reading Incongruent Lies


Habits are important. Even the small ones can make a big difference. Actually the smallest habits, or the Atomic Habits, are the most important habits, according to James Clear.  If you don’t know who James Clear is, he’s the guy who wrote Atomic Habits, the book that this project is based on.  The driving question… Continue Reading Habits


EXT. PARK ENTRANCE – GOLDEN HOUR (SUNRISE) ALL GROUP MEMBERS are walking through the PARK ENTRANCE B-ROLL: SHOP BROWSING NARRATOR (MAX) (V.O.) In 1940 Walt Disney Productions issued the first stock of Mickey Mouse merchandise, to further advertise his popular and soon to be historic films. These sales helped make Walt money, but he continue… Continue Reading Script