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Medium is the Message Learning Portfolio

This is how I solved the driving question for the Medium is the Message project.    To start, the driving question for the Medium is the Message project is “How does what we hear, read, see influence us?  I will write the answer to this at the bottom of this blog post. Here are my ad drafts that my group and I made in this project.

Here is my ad drafts

  • Draft 1

And here are my group’s drafts

  • 1st draft 1

Here is my review and process of creating the ad drafts

I think that if I were to do it again I would use a landscape format so it would look less like a flyer. I also think that I would put more negative space in my ad, because it looks too cluttered.  I think that overall the ad is ok, but it does not fit the rustic theme that DCM has. I also think that the logo is a bit out of place, and also too pixelated.  I think that we also should have taken more pictures, because we only had 3 options for the background and none of them fit with the ad.  I also think that the ad with the contact info looks way to much like a flyer instead of a real advertisement.  Another thing is that we did not really have any techniques or appeals that we were focusing on when we were making this, because we did not sort everything out until the last minute.  I think that overall it worked out reasonably well, and the ad looks pretty good despite all the errors we made.  I think that I could have put less things on my 4th draft, for example the hand grabbing the microphone was unnecessary and used up negative space.

For the first stage we chose our business, and my group chose Deep Cove Music. Then we googles for info on DCM to make our first draft of our advertisement. After we had gathered enough info, we made our own private first drafts for our ad. When we were done with our first draft we showed it to the rest of our group gave each other peer critique. Then we made a script for an interview with the business owner and then we went to the business and conducted the interview.  After the interview, we made our second drafts using the info we got from the interview.  When we were done with our second drafts we had group critique again, and then started on our third draft.  After we finished our third drafts, we made 3 different drafts as a group, using all of our private drafts, and the info from google and the interview.

After that we emailed our 3 group drafts to the business and waited for feedback.  Then we all critiqued each other’s work in the class, and made a final private draft using that information.

After we got feedback from the business, we made a final group draft using the info from the feedback we got from the business, our final private drafts, and our first group drafts.

Then we got feedback on our final drafts from a real advertiser.  

These are the techniques and appeals that we used in our final draft for our ad.

We used the emotional security and physical well being appeal by saying that there are music lessons in person and virtually, to give people a sense of security that they do not have to go into the store and risk getting COVID.  We used the water is wet advertising technique by saying that you can buy instruments from their music store. We also used the unfinished claims by saying that you can buy sell and trade without describing how.

Here are the milestones that I found helpful for finding the answer to the driving question.

Milestone 2: For this milestone we investigated different definitions of the word media, using the media triangle to analyze media, and eventually, looking at media literacy through the use of five key media literacy questions.

Milestone 5: for this milestone we read a book called The Gospel According to Larry, and created a photo journal to analyze some ads to help us learn how ads work.

Milestone 6: building your knowledge of media and messaging, and developing our understanding of the driving question, we applied our understanding of new skills in graphic design and we created our own advertisement at the request of a client. Our final product went through lots of designs as we work to reach a final version.

So now that you understand the steps I went through to answer the driving question, I am going to answer it.  I think that the answer to the driving question is that it influences us in so much that it can completely change your perspective on something, and that it can change the personality of a person.  I think that media is a very powerful tool that we do not fully understand.

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My Medium is the Message Reflection

This is my Medium is the Message reflection.

I really liked making the drafts, because I found it pretty fun to use Canva. Here is the steps/milestones I did to complete this project.

Launch: for this project phase we watched the Apple ad “Welcome Home” and wrote down our thoughts on it, like who we thought the target audience was. As part of the project, I need to understand how ads convince you to buy the product. Another aspect of the project is that based on the information I have learned, I made my own ad for Deep Cove Music.  I needed to know how to analyze ads to figure out the message that they are sending, and how to create my own ad. This is important because I need to make an ad for D.C.M. that will convince potential customers to sign up for lessons with them, or buy their products.  I will be sharing my work with the whole class, my teachers, and my parents.

Building knowledge: for this project phase we had to choose a piece of media from a while ago, for example I chose mine from the 1970’s. Then we had to answer the five key questions for that ad, and write them down.  The resources I needed to use were the information I had learned from Milestone 1. For the ads I saw on YouTube, and in my magazines, I know I can trust that they are real ads, but the ones I found on google, I cannot trust if they are real or not.  My role in the process is to analyze the ad that I chose and show the strategies that I found from analyzing it. I needed to choose the strategies that I learned that are relevant to the business that I was trying to advertise, and use them to make a draft of my advertisement.

Develop and Critique: for this phase we made our first drafts and everyone put their drafts on display, and then we would walk around and give critique for their drafts.  I needed to know what type of ad I was trying to make for the business, and  what product I was advertising. I collected the information that I needed via the interview that was conducted in person. Using the information that I collected, I made my first draft which was ready for the critique phase. The feedback I got was very useful, which was that I should add a background picture instead of having a plain black background because it attracted more attention. I felt that I was on the right track because I only got one constructive feedback. Here are my ad drafts

  • Draft 1

Present: for this phase, we showed our drafts to our groups, and used them to make three drafts that we all worked on together using what we learned. I explained to my group that I used a plain ad format with bold font, to keep the message very straightforward.  This will allow people who see the ad for a short amount of time to still be able to get the message.  For the next project, I would spend more time on the building knowledge phase because when I was making my draft I almost did not have enough understanding about making good ads.

I would say that I really liked making the drafts for Deep Cove Music, and I look forward to future projects.

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My Book 2

I saw myself walking down the gravel pathway and everything had started to drop away around me. I arrived at the peak of a mountain and there was a helicopter parked beside me. The path I had come down started to collapse. Out of the helicopter came a figure hidden by the shadows, and it did not speak. I came closer to to the figure, trying to make out a shape. The figure remained unmoved. I reached out to touch the figure, and as soon as the tip of my finger touched the figure, it let out a ear piercing shriek. It twisted and turned it’s body unnaturally and it’s body morphed into a dragon like shape with massive tentacles that reached out and crushed the helicopter like a nut in a vice. It let out another shriek and seemed to implode in on itself as it tried to grab something to hold onto. It gave one final scream, but this one sounded different, it sounded desperate. The creature finally shrunk down into a tiny marble, then it evaporated, right in front of my eyes. Then I opened my eyes. And it was there.

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My book


It all started with a murder.

One body, one knife

One death, just one.

It was mostly normal. But then it wasn’t.

It was 5:45, and it was almost time to go home. Then the we got a call.

We all rushed to the house, knocked on the door, the usual.

Someone came to the door, She was in tears.

She told us he was upstairs, so upstairs we went.

Then there was the body, he had a knife in his chest. It was Frank James.

He has been my friend for as long as I could remember. He was always so cheery are happy. How could he be dead? We took his body to the station, and told the woman that we were going to find out who killed him.

We gave his body to the coroner, and then I went home, and

it seemed like it was just another day at work.

Except for the fact that one of my friends was dead.

The next day I woke up, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, all the usual,

then I went to work.

And that’s when things started to get weird.

As soon as I entered the building, one of my co-workers told me that,

according to the coroner, my friend had committed suicide.

I couldn’t believe it. He was always so happy. I thought that he

would never do that, and I told my coworker that he didn’t kill himself,

and that he was murdered. He said that the knife in his chest had his own

fingerprints on it, and not a trace of anyone else’s.

After work, as I started to walk to the parking lot, a strange man came up to me, and he said that he might know how my friend was killed. Desperate to know, I followed him. He took me to his house, which was only about a block away from the police station, and he welcomed me inside. His house looked mostly normal, until he took me to his basement. It was crowded with tons of heavy machinery and weird looking technology. He lead me to one of the corners of the basement, which had a desk that was covered with papers and blueprints. He sat down in the chair and told me the story. He said that he has created a “Pandora’s box”, an off switch for humanity, in case world war 3 was started. It was supposed to stop the the world from being destroyed by nuclear warfare, but it was programmable, so that it could be used to take out the leaders that had declared war. And it had been stolen. He said that he found out that it was too powerful to be in such a unguarded place. So he said he took it too a secure bunker, where it would be safe. It turns out that the bunker was not as secure as it was thought to be.

The box was stolen, and supposedly it was opened. The box contains a being, a living being that acts like a parasite. It is the size of a human thumb, and looks like a leech, but it doesn’t act like one. It uses it’s mouth like a suction cup, and once in is attached to a person it can influence their mind. But when it was being bioengineered, the scientist figured out that it also had other abilities that it was not supposed to have. After I heard the story, I rushed out of his house and ran to my car. I couldn’t believe someone built something like that. Why would someone do something so horrific? I tried to sleep that night, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. Why would someone do that? Then I heard a loud thump in the distance. Then there was a scream.

The next morning I went to work, just like normal, and halfway through the day all the officers got called to a meeting. At the meeting we were all told that there was a mass suicide the previous night. 86 people died. The reason behind the suicide is unknown so far. They are all in the coroner’s room, being examined. I rushed to the coroner’s room, and I asked to see the coroner. The coroner told me that everybody stabbed a knife into their chest at the same time. I saw a head peeking out from underneath one of the tarps. It was the scientist. He was dead, killed by his own creation. Then the coroner told me something even stranger. The dead bodies formed the shape of letters, which formed the word HIDE. That’s when I realized something I didn’t know earlier. The creature was intelligent.

After I arrived at home, I felt kind of weird. My vision was kind of cloudy, and everything looked darker. Then a voice in my head appeared. That had never happened before. It was telling me to get some sleep, and I felt pretty tired, so I listened to it, and soon it was morning. As I woke up, I realized I didn’t feel very in control of my body. I could feel something in my head trying to get me to go downstairs. As I headed for the kitchen, I realized the voice in my head was trying to kill me. I tried to fight it, I punched myself, expecting that to do something. Then I realized that I was going to die. Giving one last stand, I ran right into a wall, knocking myself unconscious. I woke up a few hours later, and the feeling in my head was gone. That’s my story so far, and if you are reading this, please help me stop this creature.

Somebody just broke into my house. Wait that’s not a person! I think it’s coming to kill me! I’m hiding from it in the basement. Wait it found me! Help!

Hello there, if you are reading this, you should know, I will find you, and I will kill you.


Always remember to eat cheese and stay cheesy

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My user manual reflection

This is my user manual reflection.

It took me a really long time to make the user manual, and I admit that I am kind of proud of it, even though it is a school assignment. I will show the milestones I did right here

Milestone 1. For this milestone we took a bunch of sticky notes and wrote down questions that we felt that we needed to know to start making our user manual and we placed them on a board labeled NEED TO KNOWS. Then we went back to the sticky notes and wrote down the next steps that we will take from the need to knows, and put it on a different board labeled NEXT STEPS.

Milestone 2. In this milestone we made a pages document of what we are going to put on our Memoji laptop, and I chose to do the NASA logo, the Santa Cruz logo, a few biking stickers, and a shark sticker.

Milestone 3. For this one we make a pages document containing our user manual outline, or kind of our rough rough copy. Made headings, and then we added notes to our headings.

Milestone 4. In this stage we put our memojis onto our iPads to display, and we walked around and looked at other peoples memojis. Then we submitted critique though the form of sticky notes that we put next to other people’s iPads.

Milestone 5. For this stage we submitted our user manual, and printed it out, then we were put in pairs and showed them our work, and they gave us feedback and vice versa, then we would submit what we were going to revise, and what we  were going to improve.

Milestone 6. In this part we submitted our revised user manual with our Memoji laptops, then we presented our user manuals, and then we reflected on them like what I am doing now.

I think if I would redo my user manual I would add a few more parts to it, and I think I kind of did the bare minimum on it. I also think that if I were to do it again I would be more specific on the different settings of me, and I also would put a bit more stickers onto my Memoji laptop.


Always remember to eat cheese and stay cheesy

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