My name is Nya and I am a grade 10 student at a high school in B.C, Canada. I’m part of a program called PLP, which stands for the Performance Learning Program. This program is where you learn more through experiences. We also do all of our work on iPads.  I wouldn’t want to go through high school any other way:)

I love being outside and exploring! My favourite season is summer because you can stay outside and stay up late. I love the swim, play frisbee, dance and most of all listen to music! You will never catch me without a song in my head🎶 I taught myself how to play the ukulele and it’s one of my favourite things to do!

I also love travelling. I was on my first plane before I even turned one. My favourite place to travel to is Costa Rica! The reason I go there so much is because my family bought a house there. Last time I travelled there I even learned how to speak basic Spanish. I also know how to speak French. I did French immersion from kindergarten to grade 7 so I’m pretty good at speaking it.

So that’s all about me!💙