You may have seen the title of this blog post and your probably wondering why on earth are we doing a project on Tik Tok?! Well the reason is because we are doing a project all about three things. memes, nationalism and historical significance. Our goal is to combine these ideas in order to answer the question how can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world? 

So that’s what are project is all about, but do you know what Tik Tok is? Most of you probably do but just in case Tik Tok is a social media app that specials in combining music with video to create a bigger impact. It was created in September 2016 by Bytedance which is a company based in Beijing.

For this blog post specifically we were tasked with making three of our own Tik Toks. We did this because we wanted to gain a better understanding of Richard Dawkins theory of memes and Tik Tok is a great example of that. Tik Toks spread from person to person and change what they do online. Just like Dawkins theory some Tik Toks don’t become trends were as some do. With that a side here are my Tik Tok videos.

The final one I will show you is especially interesting to me because it also shows nationalism. As you will see the Canada check meme is all about what make Canada Canada.


That was my blog post And I hope you learned something about Dawkins theory of memes and how it can be seen in Tik Tok. Thanks for reading and as always more post are appearing on blog so stay tuned.