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Hi everyone,

2020 is almost over! It’s been a long tough year but we’ve got through it. We just finished our last project of the year. That also means this will be my last blog post of the year as school is out for the next 2 weeks. The project we just completed may have been the most unique project I have ever completed. It was called “The Rise of the Frankenstuffy’s.” Pretty much we cut up stuffy’s and then sewed various parts together to create so called Frankenstuffy’s. We then wrote story’s relating to the Industrial Revolution about them. 

The driving question was “How do Revolutions Transform the World. I came to an answer after 2 weeks of non stop work learning about this. “Revolutions transform the world through the change of a system to a more efficient form. This system spreads through both societies and industries. Thus causing a fundamental change in trade, power, and causing mass migration and immigration.” To sum that up it means that the invention of a more efficient form of creating an essential product will result in a large scale change of the world.

This project covered three subjects and five competencies. I think I did a very good job on all them. But the one I came the farthest on in the project was Creative Communicator. This is about using technology to communicate in an interesting or unique way. I went from having troubles with this competency in the previous project to extending on this project! I think I learned a lot from the last videos which I was able to transfer over to these videos. I also did a good job in designing texts. I built upon skills from my previous projects to improve my storytelling. This involved me spending many hours to plan and craft the stories. I don’t think I learned that much about comprehending texts. For my two social studies competencies I think I learned quite a bit. They were about historical significance and cause and consequence which I went over in the previous blog post. I learned a lot when analyzing different elements of the Industrial revolution. One thing which really stands out to me was when we analyzed the effects of the industrial revolution on Japan and China, it just really helped me build an understanding for the industrial revolutions causes and consequences world wide. 

From this project I learned many video skills along with working on my time management skills as we had a large work load. I think I learned the most from our various discussions about the industrial revolution. I can’t wait for 2021! More posts will come next year.

Metaphor Machines

Hi everyone,

I just completed a very complicated project. I had 4 different groups to work with. We had to build machines, write paragraphs, create videos, and learn about the American and French Revolutions. Oh yeah we also read a book called leviathan this was the best book we read so far in PLP.

This project involved us working on a few main competencies. For social studies it was Establish Historical Significance and Analyze Cause and Consequence. Those are two ways you can analyze an event and how it affected history. Using these competencies I was able to better understand the revolutions we studied. 

This world cloud really summarizes both of these compatencies. This was not my creation

In English we worked on Designing texts and Discussing, Listening, and Speaking. The latter is self explanatory. I do think I did a good job with this one. I contributed a variety of ideas to my group and listened to other group members idea’s. Designing texts doesn’t just refer to writing though, this applies to video, picture, audio. For this project we focused on writing and video. Throughout my years at school, especially the recent years my writing has improved with every assignment. This project was no exception. I really think I did a good job on our paragraphs even though they were a little long. Throughout this year we will be working on video as a means of communication. Of course I helped with all of our group videos but on one I was the lead editor. I think I did quite a good job with what I had for this video. I also used a lot of iMovies more advanced features for the first time such as cutaways.

In Maker we only had one competency, this was creative communicator. This was all about using technology to create and communicate. I did exactly that this project. Through all the videos I made. Those both communicated an idea and were made using a variety of different apps.

Our project Launch taught us about Crane Brinton’s theory of Revolutions. This was the base for how we would analyze revolutions throughout the project. The theory compared a revolution to a disease through comparing the stages of a revolution to different parts of a common sickness. I really realized that revolutions are incredibly complicated, but all share many common traits. Then we built a metaphor machine which represented a society through a revolution. We also had to create a video of that machine. As this was a launch milestones it wasn’t the prettiest and it didn’t work most of the time. Although I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this milestone which helped make our revisions of the machine work and look okay. 

Then we moved onto Building Knowledge. This was where we learned about the American and French Revolutions. We also had to write paragraphs about both. Throughout this area of the project we alternated days, learn about a revolution then build a machine, create a video, and write a paragraph. Of course I learned a lot during this stage, but I also gained experience in time management this was amplified by the fact that it was the start of the ski season so I went up the mountain a couple of times!

Then the Develop and Critique stage came along. This stage got combined with the present and reflect stage as our teacher didn’t think we were ready to do the assignments in this stage. We just made our final video here. 

To summarize this project, we built metaphor machines about revolutions which we took videos of and then wrote paragraphs to show our understanding of the revolutions. Plus we read a book. Thanks for reading through. Keep an eye out for more blog post before winter break. 

It’s the end of our world… and we feel fine

Hi everyone,

It’s the end of our world… and we feel fine. No seriously we just did a project on this. We recorded a remix version of the song, It’s the end of the world as we know it, by R.E.M. Our driving question for this project was, “who or what changed or challenged your worldview from elementary to high school?” We also learned about the Renaissance, and how it to was a transition from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age. 

This project involved us taking many creative risks. At the start of the project I was not very happy about having to record my own song, but I kept a growth mindset and tried my hardest.

The competencies we were being assessed on were create, and cause and consequence. I feel I did quite well on both competencies. 

The best example of the competency create was, my group song. I edited the music together, and Amy edited the video. My other group member was Evelyn. Go checkout both there blogs.

There were quite a few reasons I feel like this was a good example of this competency. First of all, I edited many different parts together. I also created lyrics to communicate my point about the transition from grade 7 to 8 through text, and later through music. 

I demonstrated the competency cause and consequence cause and consequence in many milestones. One of them was my individual lyrics, I wrote about the consequences of transitioning to high school. Another example was my Renaissance cause and consequence right up. I wrote about how the Renaissance caused lasting monarchies and the consequences of that. 

This is my Renaissance C+C

This project had 6 milestones. I will explain them all of them now, except for milestone 6, because this blog post is milestone 6. 

Milestone 1 was our worldview mindnode. We had to make to make a mind map about the transition of our worldview from grade 7 to grade 8. I did an ok job on this, there was many things I could’ve improved. 

Milestone 2 was our individual song lyrics. We had to write our own lyrics which would work with the R.E.M track. I feel I did a good job on this one, although, my lyrics could’ve flowed with the music better. 

Milestone 3 was our individual song. This milestone was when we sung our own song, from the lyrics we created in the previous milestone. If you want you can listen to my song below. I think I did a good job on this milestone but there was many things I could’ve improved. My audio didn’t always sync perfectly with the track which made it sound a little off. 

Milestone 4 was our Renaissance C+C (cause and consequence). In my opinion I did a great job on this milestone. I already mentioned how it was a great example of the cause and consequence milestone.

Milestone 5 was our group song. In groups of 3 we made a song. I worked with Evelyn and Amy. I think we did a great job. Originally the audio was a little weird as it had the track playing slightly off time in the background. Also, I think my singing could have been more similar to the original track. 

All in all this was a different project which forced me take to many creative risks. I think I kept a growth mindset and did some pretty interesting work. I could improve many things, but you can always improve a lot.

The Media is the Message reflection post

Hi everyone,

Since the school year started on September 3rd 2019, we have been working on a project called the Media is the Message. This project was all about advertising. I have learned many things about advertising since then.

We started this project off with watching an ad for the Apple HomePod and reflecting on the ad. Looking back on it, I don’t think I did a very good job. Although, when I first wrote I did think I did think I did a great job. The reason I don’t think I did a very good job the reason so, is because I didn’t know enough about advertising and even the software I was using to do well.
Our next Milestone was an advertising survey in which we asked our parents questions about their perspectives on advertising. The first time around I didn’t read all the instructions and did terribly. The second time, I read the instructions and did a decent job.

During this project we had to be able to recognize media and, analyze text of all kinds. Our driving question for this project was “How does what we hear, read and see influence us?” How does it? In my opinion anything we hear, see or read will influence us in someway. When we hear, read or see anything our brain tries to remember it. So the basis of advertising is to put ideas in our brains, wether we realize it or not. A great example about how hearing something can influence us is, younger children. Say, when a 3 year old kid hears their mom, dad or anyone else they look up to say something they will want to say something like them. If their mom always says super nice things about everything, they will likely do the same. But, If they hear there Mom say super negative mean things about everything, they will do that. With advertising companies our trying to put messages in your head through hearing things said aloud, seeing things being done or reading things put on billboards or in newspaper, they want to influence you to like their brand more. Also, the companies likely want you to trust them. Some of the companies which do this the best are, Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola and many other big companies. 

Our 3rd Milestone Involved making a persuasion chart about Advertising. On the persuasion chart we had to get examples of ads and convince the audience what kind of advertising they where using. I would say I did a really good job on this Milestone.

During this project we had to chances to analyze text. The first time was Our first Milestone, the welcome home dissection. The second one was Milestone 4, the Highest tide analysis. I improved at this skill a lot through the 2 assignments. The first time I wasn’t sure what to do. I kind of just did what I would have done for a book report in elementary school, which was not what was expected. This second time I learned from my past Mistakes and improved upon it. I’m still nowhere near perfect, even in 10 years from now I’ll still be far from perfect. But the biggest thing is that I learned from my mistakes and improved upon them.

Our 4th Milestone was analyzing a book we read called the highest tide. I think I did a pretty good job on this although I’m not really sure exactly how well I did.


  • This is my first Ad. There is many things which could of been improved upon but overall I like it

  • This is my second ad. Although I improved upon some features of the first ad I think it is worse.

  • This is my third draft of my ad. It is pretty similar to my final draft but the image in the background is different and the fonts are different. I think this was a pretty good attempt.

  • This is my fourth ad. I think it is worse than my 3rd ad although I did make some things better.

  • This was my Fifth and final draft of this series of ads. I definitely think this is my best attempt although there is still so much I could improve upon.

  • This is my first draft. I don’t think it is that good although it is better than quite a few of my later drafts. I did this ad without interviewing Chalet so, I didn’t have all the information which I needed

  • This is my second draft for my ad. Although it looks ok it’s not a very good ad for many reasons such as the fact that it doesn’t focus in on an image

  • For this ad I fixed the font to make it look more like the font chalet uses. I focused in on one image but I still did a few things not so well such as that weird grey filter in the background. It was a major improvement since my last ad but still pretty bad.

  • For this ad I kept most of the good things from my last ad and removed the horrible filter but I didn’t ad the address or give enough information about the business.

  • For my final attempt I added more information about the business such as a their address. I still don’t think it is great as it doesn’t look like a real ad but it was my best attempt yet.

Our next 2 Milestones were both about making ads. Our first ad was about a Parkgate or a Deep Cove business. My group did InGrain, a restaurant and a company which makes pasta. I really liked making this ad and I thought I did a pretty good job. My second ad, has not been going very well so far. It’s about a Restaurant in Newport Oregon called, Chalet.

So to wrap things up this was a amazing but long project in which we learned a ton about advertising in.

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