Hi guys it’s your boy Randy again, 

Today I’m going to reflect on a maker project that I just finished, it was about taking photos and making photo essays. Since we were all in quarantine, so my teacher have decided to make the driving question “How can we, as photojournalists, tell stories of our community during this period of physical distancing?” For this project we were asked to make a book that tells a story with some still images and some descriptions. For the first few weeks we were mainly launching and building knowledge, most milestones really helped me to answer the driving  question, especially milestone 2-when we had to interview some one from our community. I chose to interview my neighbor’s kid and there was a similarity between us, online classes, and that was when I decided what my topic was going to be. I realized that I had online math classes out side of school and I thought that would be a good topic, the class was supposed to be face to face but now its online. Some things have happened to this math class during quarantine so I decided to make a book about it.

I started shooting photos after I knew what my story was gonna be about, and after editing they all looked so amazing. So yeah, that was pretty much how I made my book, I also answered the question pretty well because apparently I told a story about my community with photos. Lastly, here is my book.



My own comic book

Hi guys it’s your boy Randy again,

Today I’m gonna reflect on a project that I just finished, it was scimatics and humanities combined project and the final product was a comic book. Though out the whole project we learned how do cells and diseases interact, and what is the historical significance of  my chosen explorer-Magellan.

  For this blog post There will be two parts, one for scimatics and one for humanities, I’ll go over them really quickly and after I’ll dive in deeper.

Part one, humanities:

  For launch we watched a movie called Osmosis Jones, it was a story about diseases fighting with white blood cells inside a human body, it’s a really interesting story because it was switching around between human life and human body, which was similar to the project I was doing. Our comic books were supposed to be about a significant explorer during the age of exploration which is about 16 centuries, having some kind of interactions with a specific disease. After all the whole story has to make sense and happens during the age of exploration. And then we learned some significant voyages of some explorers at that time, after a week of building knowledge we each had to choose an explorer and do some research about them, I thought that Magellan would be nice since he was the first one that discovered Asia. We also got to read a few comic books, because then we know what should a good comic book look like.

  Part two, scimatics:

 for launching we did an mind map and listed some of the questions that we had, and for building knowledge we did some khan quizzes about cells and diseases, after all of that, we chose our diseases and started to research about them, I chose smallpox because it was pretty well known and also really deadly.


  Lastly we started to make our comic books, we first made a story board which was like the rough version of our final product, the purpose was to tell a story and have some rough sketches of the comic pages. After my story was approved, I started to work on my real comic. My story was about Magellan sailing to the spice island but by the time that they arrived they got the smallpox from the natives and Magellan thought that the native have poisoned them so they started a war, and at the end they lost and returned home with spices.

  As a learner I learned how cells and disease interact, and also the history during the exploration ages. And here are the reflections on each competencies.

Questioning and predicting:  all the milestones and the steppingstones are completely to the best of my ability.

Scientific communication: my virus interacted with body cells in the comic book in a scientific way, I also used the correct vocabularies and accurate diagrams.

Evaluating: symptoms and logical out comes of the chosen disease are included in the story.

here is the comic book that I made, click here to see.

DI provincials (at least it was)

Hi guys its me Randy again, today I’m gonna reflect on one of my recent projects called DI. I have a similar post about DI regionals recently, but this time it’s provincials. Well, at least it was going to be provincials, if there was no Coronavirus outbreak. So the teacher decided to make a online (fake)DI challenges for us, I feel like the challenges are way more difficult than the original ones, because presenting is just about face to face, and me and my group can’t even meet up properly. we used an app called ZOOM, and we rehearsed twice before the actual challenge.

Our challenge was about building a bridge with cards and duct tape on stage, but since we left the bridge pieces at school and we don’t have any cards left, I decided to sacrifice some of my Pokémon cards; I recreated the bridge but way smaller. We still made some good changes though, like speak faster so that we have enough time, also we memorized the lines better than  before. 

Since we decided to do the presentation online we had to make some changes to make it perfect, like each person had to build a bridge of something, and use the same background when we talks, change some lines so that it would fit in the situation etc.

After all it was a harsh situation, no one expects to see some super awesome presentations, but we did okay, it could’ve been a lot worse, and our challenge was the hardest, so I’m pretty proud of this.

And here is a link to my DI regionals, feel free to check it out.

DI regionals 

DI regional 2020

Hi guy it’s me Randy again, today I have a new topic to talk about, it’s a competitive and international challenge called Destination Imagination. So first our teachers assigned us to a category, and each category has about 5 people in it, and this year I got assigned to engineering challenge and the challenge itself is about building bridge with only cards and duct tape.

There are a few stages about this challenge, and I am gonna walk you though it quickly.

The first stage was recognize, the main goal here is to know everything about your challenge, and how do you do that? Read the rules!! For the very first week we were reading the rule books, and also highlighting them. 

Second stage: imagine

In this stage we were asked to brainstorm, and specifically about our team names. I came up with a lot of ideas, and one of them was very good so we decided to use that one(low budget bridges co.). 

Stage three: initiate and collaborate

In this section we were mainly forcing on planning, some important things that we have planned were: who is doing what, bridge design, work time schedule, etc…

Stage four: assess 

Our bridge was mostly done at this point, we presented our bridge to the teachers and got back som feedback. We made a lot of changes after that week, and it got a lot better.

Stage five: evaluate and celebrate 

This stage is to let us reflect on the tournament that we just finished, my team went will, we got first place on the instant challenge, and third on the main challenge. but we did have enough time to present so the bridge did really quite work, so we will practice more about the story part so then we can have more time to build the bridge on stage.

Lastly, here is the video of we doing the challenge.

Ill see you next time

It’s the end of our world as we know it

Hi guys today I’m going to reflect on a project that I just finished called “the end of our world”. In this project we were asked to remake a song called “its the end of the world” by REM, and the driving question for this project is “Who or what has challenged your worldview in the transition from elementary school to high school?”

  In this project we first started off with an activity that is related to memes, we were asked to make a meme about expected vs reality. And a week after we were studying things that happened in renaissance, we studied about the scientific method, the famous people, what changed and what stayed the same and mainly about the history. Almost about another week later we finally started doing our actual project. 

  As I already said we were asked to sing a song, and the song itself is our final product. So we sang twice, the first time we wrote our own lyrics and recorded by ourselves, and the second time we combined two or three people’s lyrics and recorded together, which was a part of our final product, and the other part was about the video, me and my partners sent all of our photos from grade seven to grade eight to a group chat and then I created a video with our song. Lastly I posted our video to YouTube and handed it in to my teacher. 

  The whole class watched all our songs together and it was great!!! A lot of people’s final products were better than my group but most were worse, so I still feel pretty confident our my work.

Now it’s milestones reflection time!!

these are the competencies that I used in this project

Create: What literacy skills am I using to write, speak, and represent in the texts I create? for create, I used my literacy skill on writing my lyrics, speaking and representing skills on sing out the song and editing it out.

Cause and Consequence: Who or what influenced events to occur and what were the consequences of those events? My group members influenced me when we were recording the song together by giving me good suggestions, like turn up the volume of my voice and stuff, also the  teacher has given me a lot of advice as well, such as make a title and an end scene for the video. But after all, the comments that I received gave me a lot of supports, and I fixed most of them after which made my final product even better.


Milestone1 :MindNode

 From this to that

The purpose of this task was to identify some major changes of my worldview.

Some thing that I could’ve done better was probably put in more effort, my first draft that I handed in was way to brief, and the second one was much better.

Milestone2 :song lyrics 

The purpose of this task was to fill up the blanks with the ideas that we brainstormed on our MindNode. And I did this pretty well, but some parts just didn’t make sense so I had to redo it and hand in.

Milestone3 :final individual songs

The purpose of this task was to record and sing the song lyrics that we wrote ourselves. I never really sing, but I did okay this time, maybe I’ll try to be more loud next time.

Milestone4 :Renaissance worldview piece 

The purpose of this task was to check our understanding of renaissance, each group did an research of something my was the scientific method, and we wrote about what it is and what did we do to learn about it. I did really well and specific.

Milestone5 :final group song 

We combined our songs and made a YouTube video of it.

The ultimate design challenge

Welcome to my site, today I’m gonna reflect on my new scimatics project called“The ultimate design challenge”.  In this project we were asked to design a 3D model with either maximum volume or surface area. We also learned a lot of stuff about  volume and surface area.

So first me and my partner Nathan decided to make a space ship with the maximum volume so it can fit in more people. Then each of us designed a 3D model and then he sent me a screenshot of his, and I combined them together. After we printed out the model I started to calculate the surface area and the volume, the final ration was 1: 1.0175 which is what we wanted.

Here is a photo of the final product, and now I’m gonna talk about some competencies that I was marked on in this project. 

Applying and innovating: all class time is used efficiently for learning without distractions. 

  I really extended on this category this time, I did most of the keynote slides and the script by myself. And I did all the combining designs and calculations by my self. And most importantly I did play games on my iPad during class hours, because I did have any games. I deleted all my  games on my iPad after the last project.

Reasoning and analyzing: as I have already mentioned, me and my partner created a design of a space that has the maximum volume, by using an app called shaper3D. We used more than 10 shapes, and me and my partner did work cooperatively, since we combined out designs together.

Communicating and representing: all calculations were done by me, and I believe that they are all correct. The keynote presentation slides were mostly written by me and the script was perfect too, so after all we did do a good job on this project.

Chemistry coding

Hello People is Randy again. Today I’m  going to reflect on a scimatics project that I have just finished. In this project I have learned about coding and chemistry, and the final product was a scratch game.

My game was basically just geometry dash, but not as good. I wrote all codes by myself and it worked, I put the states of matter in my game(liquid, solid, and gas). And it also changes its temperature while playing. Atoms moves faster when it is heating, so everything in this game is related to science.

And here is my game feel free to try it:


Questioning and predicting:

In this project I was really into those science facts about atoms, I am good at math but not really good at science so I have a lot more curiosity.

Scientific communication:

For the scratch coding part I had a lot of questions, and how did I solve them? YouTube! I search up how to make a geometry dash in scratch and then I just did what he showed me.

reasoning and analyzing:

I after I learned how to make a normal geometry dash game in scratch, I started to add my own things. I added the states of matters and also speeding up. One thing that struggled me the most was how to change the background and the move speed at the same time. But I still figured it out.

What was life like in the Middle Ages? How does it compare to today?

Hi everyone is Randy again,

So today I’m going to reflect on the project that I just finished, which is “this changes everything”. In this project we learned how life in Middle Ages were like and how does it compare to today. So first we started off with reading a book called “the book of the lion”, this book is about a man called Edmund living in Middle Ages and becoming a knight. while I was reading I realized that making notes at the end of each chapters are very helpful at summarizing, and when you forget what that chapter is about you can just look at the notes you wrote.

One milestone that really stands out to me was Milestone#3, this milestone is about discussing each section of the book after a week of reading, and I liked chatting with my classmates but also when there were something that I didn’t understand in the book;I could ask them.

We all have our own note on Middle Ages, and something that we took notes on was the feudal system, knighthood, court system, Charlemagne, crusades, Black Death, and the 3 f’s. And here is a video of it.


we also had to choose two topics and talk about the continuity and change of them. And me and partner’s topics were food for continuity and clothing for change. So we first have decided that I’m going to do food, and she is going to do clothing, then we did some research on each of ours topics. After all of that we made a Pages document of the information that we have collected. Once we have done the research we started to make the presentation slides, I basically put images of livestock back then on the left and livestock now on the right, so it makes clear comparisons.

Here is a video of me and my partner presenting!


In this project we were mainly focusing on how are lives and conditions alike over time, and how have they changed. I personally think that our lives are much easier now, because of all of the technologies, also people back then had to do everything by themselves and gets really low paid, people now are all equal and all have the  right to do what they want to do.
Clothing is a great example of change, people now are way more richer than before so there are a lot more choices to choose from. Back then the clothes were not as comfy as they now do, and they were also not as fancy as they do now. Why? Because they didn’t have enough population or any technologies, we now uses machines to help us to make clothes, so the price is even more cheaper.


  Hi guys it’s mPOL, and today I am going to reflect on my subjects.

First it’s scimatics, I did do pretty well on scimatics, and it’s a pretty easy subject for me especially those math tests, but I still need to work harder on those science stuff, because I don’t know much about science and never really use them in real life. One thing that I really liked about scimatics was that we build our own space ships on winter exhibition, and a thing that I need to work on is read the textbook pages carefully, not just rush though.

secondly it’s maker, I did ok at maker, and I think this is the only subject that is actually fun. So far none of the projects that we have done this year was boring, what I think was the best one was definitely the winter exhibition, a reason for it was because it was my first blue sky project in my life, and it was the first time in school that we actually can decide what is our project is going to be like. Because it’s so fun that sometimes I even lost track on learning, so my goal for maker this year is try not to get distracted in class, and think more about the projects by myself, is not just do the homework and done.

Thirdly it’s PGP, this course is special, because we don’t do it so often. I’m not sure how well I did it, because we really didn’t have much assignments. But one thing that I’m sure of is that my blog posts were way to brief and I will definitely be working on it.

Lastly it’s humanities, I think this actually might be the most important one. Because I didn’t do too well on it; so it’s important to make it clear about what I’m going to do to change this.  I’m always a bit rushed when it comes to blogging, which makes my blog really brief and boring. I think I’ll do more blogging stuff in the future, and eventually I’ll get better at it.


Conclusion of my reflection:

  For scimatics I need to read the textbook pages more carefully.

  For maker I need to I need to think more about the project by myself.

  For humanities I need to spend more time on writing.

My first Winter Exhibition!!

Today I’m going to reflect on what I have done for my first winter exhibition. This time the exhibition is about Star Wars, and I was in Death Star group. The driving question of this project was about “how can we build something that can answer our own questions”, which means that we each had our own topics, and we had to build at least something.
First the teacher have introduced us to the launch cycle.

Please watch the video, so you will know what I’m talking about.

After we have watched this video we started doing the first stage, look, listen and learn.

I first did a brainstorm about some ideas that my question could be, and then I have decided that my question is “how does earth compare to Death Star”, after about a week we went on the next stage, ask tons of questions.
In this stage we learned some techniques about how to do research, and we made a list about some questions that we had.

in this stage I finally started researching, some things that I researched was “how big is the Death Star?”

in this stage I did a mind map about what my final product is gonna be like. And the product is going to be two maps to compare earth and Death Star.


after a long time of working, we finally started building, first I built two maps, but then another idea popped up in my head(a pop up book). And then I started to work on it.


This is my first draft.

After I built my first draft I realized that the paper is way to thin and soft, and the pop up book could hardly stand by it self, so I made another one. Which is the next stage, highlight and fix.

I bought a few pieces of card paper that is hard and steady, then I did the whole thing again.

my final product was really good and I did not waste any paper, I’m very proud of my work. Lastly was the room set up, we made our room looks like the inside of the Death Star and here is a time lapse video of we cleaning up.

Conclusion: after all I found that the launch journal really helped me to finish my final product, and it also made my work more organized.

we also made some space ships that shots out lasers for the math project, make sure to check out the post that I wrote about it.

scimatics post

And here is the video version of my launch portfolio