Chemistry coding

Hello People is Randy again. Today I’m  going to reflect on a scimatics project that I have just finished. In this project I have learned about coding and chemistry, and the final product was a scratch game.

My game was basically just geometry dash, but not as good. I wrote all codes by myself and it worked, I put the states of matter in my game(liquid, solid, and gas). And it also changes its temperature while playing. Atoms moves faster when it is heating, so everything in this game is related to science.

And here is my game feel free to try it:


Questioning and predicting:

In this project I was really into those science facts about atoms, I am good at math but not really good at science so I have a lot more curiosity.

Scientific communication:

For the scratch coding part I had a lot of questions, and how did I solve them? YouTube! I search up how to make a geometry dash in scratch and then I just did what he showed me.

reasoning and analyzing:

I after I learned how to make a normal geometry dash game in scratch, I started to add my own things. I added the states of matters and also speeding up. One thing that struggled me the most was how to change the background and the move speed at the same time. But I still figured it out.

What was life like in the Middle Ages? How does it compare to today?

Hi everyone is Randy again,

So today I’m going to reflect on the project that I just finished, which is “this changes everything”. In this project we learned how life in Middle Ages were like and how does it compare to today. So first we started off with reading a book called “the book of the lion”, this book is about a man called Edmund living in Middle Ages and becoming a knight. while I was reading I realized that making notes at the end of each chapters are very helpful at summarizing, and when you forget what that chapter is about you can just look at the notes you wrote.

One milestone that really stands out to me was Milestone#3, this milestone is about discussing each section of the book after a week of reading, and I liked chatting with my classmates but also when there were something that I didn’t understand in the book;I could ask them.

We all have our own note on Middle Ages, and something that we took notes on was the feudal system, knighthood, court system, Charlemagne, crusades, Black Death, and the 3 f’s. And here is a video of it.


we also had to choose two topics and talk about the continuity and change of them. And me and partner’s topics were food for continuity and clothing for change. So we first have decided that I’m going to do food, and she is going to do clothing, then we did some research on each of ours topics. After all of that we made a Pages document of the information that we have collected. Once we have done the research we started to make the presentation slides, I basically put images of livestock back then on the left and livestock now on the right, so it makes clear comparisons.

Here is a video of me and my partner presenting!


In this project we were mainly focusing on how are lives and conditions alike over time, and how have they changed. I personally think that our lives are much easier now, because of all of the technologies, also people back then had to do everything by themselves and gets really low paid, people now are all equal and all have the  right to do what they want to do.
Clothing is a great example of change, people now are way more richer than before so there are a lot more choices to choose from. Back then the clothes were not as comfy as they now do, and they were also not as fancy as they do now. Why? Because they didn’t have enough population or any technologies, we now uses machines to help us to make clothes, so the price is even more cheaper.


  Hi guys it’s mPOL, and today I am going to reflect on my subjects.

First it’s scimatics, I did do pretty well on scimatics, and it’s a pretty easy subject for me especially those math tests, but I still need to work harder on those science stuff, because I don’t know much about science and never really use them in real life. One thing that I really liked about scimatics was that we build our own space ships on winter exhibition, and a thing that I need to work on is read the textbook pages carefully, not just rush though.

secondly it’s maker, I did ok at maker, and I think this is the only subject that is actually fun. So far none of the projects that we have done this year was boring, what I think was the best one was definitely the winter exhibition, a reason for it was because it was my first blue sky project in my life, and it was the first time in school that we actually can decide what is our project is going to be like. Because it’s so fun that sometimes I even lost track on learning, so my goal for maker this year is try not to get distracted in class, and think more about the projects by myself, is not just do the homework and done.

Thirdly it’s PGP, this course is special, because we don’t do it so often. I’m not sure how well I did it, because we really didn’t have much assignments. But one thing that I’m sure of is that my blog posts were way to brief and I will definitely be working on it.

Lastly it’s humanities, I think this actually might be the most important one. Because I didn’t do too well on it; so it’s important to make it clear about what I’m going to do to change this.  I’m always a bit rushed when it comes to blogging, which makes my blog really brief and boring. I think I’ll do more blogging stuff in the future, and eventually I’ll get better at it.


Conclusion of my reflection:

  For scimatics I need to read the textbook pages more carefully.

  For maker I need to I need to think more about the project by myself.

  For humanities I need to spend more time on writing.

My first Winter Exhibition!!

Today I’m going to reflect on what I have done for my first winter exhibition. This time the exhibition is about Star Wars, and I was in Death Star group. The driving question of this project was about “how can we build something that can answer our own questions”, which means that we each had our own topics, and we had to build at least something.
First the teacher have introduced us to the launch cycle.

Please watch the video, so you will know what I’m talking about.

After we have watched this video we started doing the first stage, look, listen and learn.

I first did a brainstorm about some ideas that my question could be, and then I have decided that my question is “how does earth compare to Death Star”, after about a week we went on the next stage, ask tons of questions.
In this stage we learned some techniques about how to do research, and we made a list about some questions that we had.

in this stage I finally started researching, some things that I researched was “how big is the Death Star?”

in this stage I did a mind map about what my final product is gonna be like. And the product is going to be two maps to compare earth and Death Star.


after a long time of working, we finally started building, first I built two maps, but then another idea popped up in my head(a pop up book). And then I started to work on it.


This is my first draft.

After I built my first draft I realized that the paper is way to thin and soft, and the pop up book could hardly stand by it self, so I made another one. Which is the next stage, highlight and fix.

I bought a few pieces of card paper that is hard and steady, then I did the whole thing again.

my final product was really good and I did not waste any paper, I’m very proud of my work. Lastly was the room set up, we made our room looks like the inside of the Death Star and here is a time lapse video of we cleaning up.

click here: video

we also made some space ships that shots out lasers for the math project, make sure to check out the post that I wrote about it.


And here is the video version of my launch portfolio

Mazer tag

Hello everyone, this is my first post after the student blogging challenge, and I’m going to reflect on my scimatics project. The topic of this project is about lasers and Star Wars. And my group have decided to make a Death Star and a few star destroyer around it and it looked amazing!!
For this project we learned about right triangles and light, light energy can be transferred as both a particle and wave…. but the main part is actually building. We (me and my friends) spent a lot of time discussing what are we gonna do and how are we do it, and surprisingly we work really well together we first designed our ships then started building everything went well as planned, and way better than the beginning of the year. Mainly I did the cutting part and the other two did the glueing part, after the building part was done, we started to testing out the laser to make sure that is a right triangle, but sadly the laser broke at the last moment, even though we fixed it but it was not as good as before.
I did a mind map for this project but it was that helpful, I also made a poster for this project, hope you like it.

Week five: Reflect

Hello everyone, is Randy again.

Today I’m gonna reflect all the work that I have done for students blogging challenge.
firstly for the week one, I didn’t know much about the blogging stuff, but after my teachers told us some basic knowledge about blogging, we kinda had a clue. I think I still need to work on my grammar, but I think I’ve already done a good job.
secondly for the week two and three- they are my favorite ones. I like taking my own photos and commenting, so I think I did a pretty good job. But I might do writing for the next time.

and for four and five, they are my least favorite ones, because I’m not really a music person so I didn’t do that well. Maybe I will spend more time on the post for the next time.

lastly, for week six and seven. I think I did well on the story, because the topics were interesting so my story was interesting too.

I will post some new posts later on, even though the blogging challenge doesn’t exist anymore. But I will definitely work on my grammar and work hard for every single post.


My last holiday was during the spring break of 2018 -2019. I went back to China with my family, mostly because we wanted to visit my grandparents, and some my old friends. After eleven and half hours of flight we finally had reached our old city (qingdao). It was already seven pm when we arrived, so we decided to visit my grandparents tomorrow.
the first thing that my grandpa saw me was giving me “red envelope” which means money- it’s a Chinese tradition when it’s Chinese New Year, but in this case, Chinese New Year just past a few days ago so it’s still not too late. I met my old friends as I have planned, and before the night that we came back my family went to eat roasted duck- my favorite food.


FuReal / Pixabay

And lastly it’s poem time:

on the last spring break,

my family went on a short holiday,

we finally visited my grandparents.


Media is the message reflection post

Hello, is Randy again, today I’m writing a post for all the learning that I have done since the beginning of the school year. It’s topic is “ how does media change the message”, and because of that we had to make our own ads!! The first ad was about a business around my school, and the second one was in another country. If you wanna know where did I go and what happened there then please check out the other post that I wrote about it. Learn more
On the fist milestone they I did, we watched an ad called “welcome home”, it was an really creative ad, and it really blowed up my mind. Because those ads that I have seen before was so boring, but this one is just so fun, and you just want to keep watching it. I think the teachers made us watched the ad was because they want us to think, what makes a good ads, and what should a good ad have.

on the second milestone we did a chart about an advertising chart, I did   one chart for my mom and me, and the way that those ad was posted was really different between now. My mom told me that those ads was mostly posted as paper post, but now ads are mostly in electronic form.

For the third milestone the teacher made us to search up a few ads, and figure out what their techniques. I did apple ads, and they are all easy to tell, the most used and important ones are: pathos, logos, and ethos, but of course there are still some other techniques, but those three are the most important ones.

on the fourth milestone that we did, was about a book called the “highest tide”, we discussed how did the media change a kid called Miles, and we wrote a paragraph about it. The book really showed how did the boy change after getting interviewed again and again, he was talking every thing that he saw at first, but then he just started to only say simple answer, such as yes or no, because he didn’t want the people to misunderstand him.


And here is the cover of the book.

For the fifth and last milestones, we made our own ad.For one local business, and one Oregon business, we made a lots of different drafts about each one. I did my loco business first so I wasn’t too good at designing ads, but later on I designed my other business ad and because I had more experience then before so it looked better then the other one.

the Oregon ad

the local business ad

Sketching like a pro

Hello everyone, is Randy again. Today I am talking about the power of the legend(Apple Pencil). So, in school my Maker PLP teacher taught us how to sketch like pros, just by using an app on an iPad and a “pencil”.
So, first I am going to explain what is app called sketches pro, and how is it used on an iPad.

“Sketches pro” is an app for to do drawings on iPad, and it’s so powerful that you can nearly do everything on it, such as sketch noting, tracings, logos designing, and …..everything like that, I started using it this week and I am already addicted to it. Even though if you are not a really good at drawing, but by using the app you are gonna become a pro.
On the left hand side are the tools that you can draw with, but of course there are  some other tools that you can help you too make your drawings look better such as the “Smudger” that can help you with the shading, and also the ruler that makes your lines straight, and all that kind of stuff. But the most important thing is that if you don’t have an Apple Pencil then none of that is gonna work for you. Apple Pencil can point at the exact spot that you want to point at on an iPad, and that is something that your fingers can’t do.

So the fist assignment that we had to do was our name tag, on this assignment I think I did pretty well, I did some tracing and shading and they worked pretty well. Maybe I will add a cool background for the next time.

On the next task, I did some sketch nothing!!! I just used the most basic tool(marker), but it’s still not a bad noted. Because I’m not really good at sketch noting, so I am not gonna say much about it.

on the third task I had to trace myself, I think is not bad, but it would be better if I colored it.


On the fourth drawing, I did a still image. I think it’s already good enough, especially on the shading part. Comment down about what do you think it is.

For my fifth drawing, I designed my own logo!! My company is a gaming center. It basically gives you games for free, and my theme is VIDEO GAMES FOR EVERYONE!! Hope you like it.

And the very last and the best drawing that I did for this project. Is a photo of my dad. I really tried my best on this drawing, and the Apple Pencil really made my learning a lot easier!


Firstly my emoji story:

once I invited my friends to my house to play video games, but he wasn’t really good at it, so I asked my grandma for some money, and then we went to the movie theater and watched a movie. We also bought a cookie and an ice cream while we were watching.

secondly my guess emoji game:

I created this emoji by using an app called sketches pro. Please comment down below about what do you think it means!

Lastly my emoji math:






Answer: 10