Week five: Reflect

Hello everyone, is Randy again. Today I’m gonna reflect all the work that I have done for students blogging challenge. firstly for the week one, I didn’t know much about the blogging stuff, but after my teachers told us some basic knowledge about blogging, we kinda had a clue. I think I still need to […]


My last holiday was during the spring break of 2018 -2019. I went back to China with my family, mostly because we wanted to visit my grandparents, and some my old friends. After eleven and half hours of flight we finally had reached our old city (qingdao). It was already seven pm when we arrived, so […]


Firstly my emoji story: once I invited my friends to my house to play video games, but he wasn’t really good at it, so I asked my grandma for some money, and then we went to the movie theater and watched a movie. We also bought a cookie and an ice cream while we were […]


This week is about music. I’m a music person, or I can say I was, because I used to play piano but not anymore. But anyways I have a few questions that I wanted you answer in the comment section: what is your favourite music style? who are your favourite artists? Would you rather listen […]

PLP8 Oregon

On our first Field study trip, we went to Oregon. This trip was so much fun, we’ve been to those beautiful beaches, different kinds of museums and labs, and different places that had special buildings. My favorite one was the light house that we went to, and the quest we did was my favorite one […]