Sketching like a pro

Hello everyone, is Randy again. Today I am talking about the power of the legend(Apple Pencil). So, in school my Maker PLP teacher taught us how to sketch like pros, just by using an app on an iPad and a “pencil”.
So, first I am going to explain what is app called sketches pro, and how is it used on an iPad.

“Sketches pro” is an app for to do drawings on iPad, and it’s so powerful that you can nearly do everything on it, such as sketch noting, tracings, logos designing, and …..everything like that, I started using it this week and I am already addicted to it. Even though if you are not a really good at drawing, but by using the app you are gonna become a pro.
On the left hand side are the tools that you can draw with, but of course there are  some other tools that you can help you too make your drawings look better such as the “Smudger” that can help you with the shading, and also the ruler that makes your lines straight, and all that kind of stuff. But the most important thing is that if you don’t have an Apple Pencil then none of that is gonna work for you. Apple Pencil can point at the exact spot that you want to point at on an iPad, and that is something that your fingers can’t do.

So the fist assignment that we had to do was our name tag, on this assignment I think I did pretty well, I did some tracing and shading and they worked pretty well. Maybe I will add a cool background for the next time.

On the next task, I did some sketch nothing!!! I just used the most basic tool(marker), but it’s still not a bad noted. Because I’m not really good at sketch noting, so I am not gonna say much about it.

on the third task I had to trace myself, I think is not bad, but it would be better if I colored it.


On the fourth drawing, I did a still image. I think it’s already good enough, especially on the shading part. Comment down about what do you think it is.

For my fifth drawing, I designed my own logo!! My company is a gaming center. It basically gives you games for free, and my theme is VIDEO GAMES FOR EVERYONE!! Hope you like it.

And the very last and the best drawing that I did for this project. Is a photo of my dad. I really tried my best on this drawing, and the Apple Pencil really made my learning a lot easier!

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