How can a understanding of nationalism help us understand today?

Hello welcome to my blog, it’s me Randy again. Today I’m going to reflect on my last project of this quarter. In this project we studied nationalism around the world, and we were asked to make five different videos to answer the driving question. The driving question of this project was “how can an understanding […]

How does revolutions transform societies?

Revolutions transform societies by reforming it’s political structure and fundamentally changing people’s lifestyles, this is my answer to the driving question of this project. In this project we learned about revolutions, we studied crane Brinton’s theory on revolutions and had to build three different Rube Goldberg machines to represent his theory, the French Revolution, and […]


Hello world it’s me randy again, after a such long time of resting and break I’m finally back blogging my projects again. Today I’m going to reflect on my first maker project of the year called « running a remake ». This project was mainly about filming and editing, and the final product was a recreation of […]